6 thoughts on “A New Use for Bedbugs

  1. Ahab says:

    Maybe there IS order in the universe . . .


  2. You put a sign on the door?

  3. Who knew bedbugs could be so useful?!

  4. prairienymph says:

    A sign might be a good idea.

    “If you are trying to sell: religion, overly expensive vacuum cleaners, charities that spend more money on fundraising than anything useful, or ___, beware of bedbugs, they love you.
    (If you know me or are trying to sell peppermint girl-guide cookies, you are pretty much safe.)”

    When the man asked if he could read some scripture to me and then talk about it, I told him I didn’t have time since we had bedbugs in the house. The two ran back to their car and screeched out of our (playground zone) street. Yep, I’m a good neighbour.

  5. Quince says:

    I like expensive vacuums. Keeps the bed bugs away 🙂

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