Just complaining here:

Recovering from nasty cold = still sick, but functional

Furnace pump broke = water damage to basement carpet and some walls

Bedbug found by downstairs roomie = bedbugs!  grrrr  pest control, sigh.

= no babysitting or playdates for kids

Midterm tomorrow + no babysitting = lover watching girls

Lover sick- too sick to go to work, really too sick to watch active toddler who is showing signs of being sick too

Sick baby?

Midterm assignments due + little time to do them = stress and poorly done work, inability to write in full sentences not good for writing papers


No one here is terminally or even chronically ill.

We don’t have an infestation of cobras and bedbugs don’t carry malaria.

The furnace still works!  And we have some insurance.

I am fortunate enough to go to school, own land, and decide how many children I want.  Every woman should be so lucky.

Maybe now I can start on cleaning the kitchen.

After some cheesecake.

And wine.


2 thoughts on “Whining

  1. jen says:

    I hope you’re feeling better! And so are the kids and the lover.
    I’m also very glad to hear there are no cobras.

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