Personal Prophesies?

I’ve had several personal prophesies, of the sort where a deity is supposedly speaking through another person to give me direction. I want to see if there are patterns or codes.

Personal Prophesy the First
In a kitchen during a youth retreat, an older woman started telling me things “from the Lord”. I don’t remember exactly what she said, but it felt very encouraging. Something about being seen and appreciated.

Personal Prophesy the Second
During a church service, a man I did not know was given a message for me which he asked someone else to pass on.
It was Song of Songs 4:1-7, hair like goats, teeth like sheep, no flaw…
This one made me cry. I was 17 and felt completely flawed and unacceptable.

Personal Prophesy the Third
I was helping a mature student from my grade 12 biology class to study. She ‘prophesied’ Psalm 91 over me. Its the one about not dying of pestilence, plague or warfare while tens of thousands around you do. It promises a long life.
Since I had still planned to be a missionary martyr at this point, it was probably good for me to think about the possibility of living a while.

Personal Prophesy the Fourth
This was the presbytery: the group of special men in suits that stand around you in a circle and give you instructions and spiritual gifts by touching you. I have a transcript of some of it.
– I am and need to be faithful (to god?)
– I am supposed to prophesy and sing “the things of the Spirit”
– I will exhort (that’s as close to teaching as a female can get) in church
– “be unto them as a signpost pointing the way” “lead by example” “a beacon to those that shall desire to walk with God for they shall see in thee the ways of God”
– quotes of scriptures about how important scripture is
– Psalm 91 again
– I have the gift of healing in my hands
I felt really conflicted after this. Some things sounded cool (who doesn’t want magic hands!) but there was a lot of warning me to obey church authority and a vague threat at the end that I’d never heard in one of these things before.

Personal Prophesy the Fifth
This one was the presbytery over both my lover and I.
– something about an office (referring to a leadership role in the church) for him
– “take your headship, young man, take it” (So many dirty jokes to be made)
– “submit, submit, submit” (that one was for me)
I felt really upset after this one.

Trance Prophesy the First
A friend of mine sometimes does this. It has the same cadence as the others, so I’m counting it here.
– stop doing things that build resentment
– pursue relationships that bring joy and peace and let you be yourself
– release those who delight in the negative
– don’t hold back because of others’ insecurities
– release other people’s expectations and fears

Trance Prophesy the Second
– mostly encouragement about not being less than anyone else or responsible for fixing anyone else

These last two were much more vague and could apply to anyone. Since it came from someone who knows me well, I took it as encouragement from a friend who maybe felt too awkward to say it directly to me.

While the content varies, the delivery style has been remarkably similar. Sing-song cadence, slow delivery, almost a chant, with a lot of emotion.

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