Staring Problem

A physician once told me that people with Aspergers’ do not make eye contact.  This is overly simplistic and erases not only the capacity people have to learn and grow, but also treats a symptom as a cause and contributes to misunderstandings.  While probably common, this is not the defining characteristic of people on the spectrum. I know several people with Aspergers’ and all of them make eye contact. I have not been diagnosed with Aspergers’ (and yes, I know it is no longer part of the DSM) so I am not speaking on behalf of anyone but myself.  

I present some doodles from my journal with apologies for the fuzzy photos. 





One thought on “Staring Problem

  1. tlethbridge says:

    Nicely educational, I did not know all of that. Nice artwork too P.N.

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