In which you get TMI on my health :)

I went to a walk-in clinic last week.

I informed the Dr. that I had a mild bladder infection but had developed a sudden low back pain along with fever and chills.  I expected to get antibiotics for a kidney infection.

The doctor did not take my temperature (or ask – it was 103).  He asked ‘how bad’ the chills were.  Since I was only covered with goose-bumps while in a sweater on a plus 30 degree day and not violently shivering, I said OK.  

The doctor poked my back (without looking) a few times and after he hit a sore spot, told me he thought it was muscle soreness.  He then asked if I had been camping recently or slept on a hard mattress.

I am 30.  I am active.  I know what sore muscles are and aren’t.  I was fuzzy and feverish and couldn’t think.

I left, went home, and collapsed in febrile exhaustion.

The next day I saw someone though my own clinic.  Within minutes I had my temperature taken and a urine sample being analyzed.  The new doctor asked questions I had not thought of but were obviously relevant.  She poked my back in one spot to confirm it was kidney pain and I had my diagnosis.  

The first doctor called me back 4 days later asking if I would come in to get blood work done.  I would have been in the hospital had I waited that long.

What was the difference?  

I know medical professionals often take the symptoms of women less seriously and the first was an older man perhaps more likely to have such a bias.  

I wore a pink sweater which made my grey, green and purple face look pink.

I said my symptoms in an unemotional (and fatigued) tone of voice with no exaggeration.  

Maybe walk-in clinics just don’t care as much.  

Maybe my regular doctor and her team are exceptional.

2 thoughts on “In which you get TMI on my health :)

  1. Zoe Bloomer says:

    You’ve got to wonder Prairie. Bladder infection, temp/chills, low back pain . . . um, duh, kidney infection?

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. prairienymph says:

    Thanks. I am much better now and really glad I got a second opinion.

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