The logic of nipples and lockers

We had a swim playdate with some kids who used to be part of our bible study.  They are sweet kids, full of curiosity and kindness, like their parents.

In the swimming pool, the boys wanted to talk about nipples.  “What is the difference between our nipples and our sister’s?” They wanted to know.  The little girl pulled her bathing suit top over and they all laughed at how similar they looked.

I waited. 

“I know!” said one, “its because one day [our sister] will be 25 and she will use hers to feed a baby with!”

Very logical for a prepubescent boy.  I begin to understand why breastfeeding is seen as shameful.  If it is the reason that childen grow up believing makes the difference between males going shirtless and females always having to cover up, then breastfeeding itself must need covering up. 

After swimming, the boys met the rest of us outside the locker room all excited about a miracle.

“We went to our locker and our stuff was gone!  Nothing was there!  And then we prayed and looked in another locker, and it was all there!”

I said nothing and waited. 

“Either we looked in the wrong locker the first time,” one said quietly, “Or GOD DID A MIRACLE!!!”  This was obviously the preferred method of finding their clothes.  They looked up at me, expecting something.  A congratulations for their faith perhaps?

I smiled but said nothing.  They are smart kids and didn’t need me to point out that the first reason the boys thought of was that they checked the wrong locker.

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