Quoting from Misquoting Truth

Since this is easier to write about than normal life, I present quotes from the inside cover of Misquoting Truth.  

“This [Ehrman’s book] is a broadside attack upon the scriptures…”  Dr. James Kennedy

…”Jones gives [Ehrman’s books] the debunking they deserve.  Jones exposes the bias and faulty logic…” Craig A. Evans

cough cough,  I can’t wait

“[Jones] captivates me with all he writes…”  James L. Garlow.  

Ah, now he got my hopes up. I currently am captivated with homoerotic love stories.  I am now also suspicious of that I’ll find credible academic work.  

“Dr. Jones reminds us that Christians should never be afraid of open debate.  With tradition, experience and Scripture as our final measure we can put all ideas on the table with confidence that in the end we will embrace what is true and discard what is false.”  Everett Piper.  

AHahaha!  I’m glad the medical profession doesn’t rely on tradition, experience and Scriptures as their measure of best practices.

“The most radical wing of New Testament scholarship [Ehrman]…whose books…make it sound as if we have little idea what the New Testament authors originally wrote or little reason to believe theirs was an accurate [message]…An absolute must-read for anyone confused or taken in by the revisionist biblical historians of the day.”  Craig Blomberg.

‘I highly recommend this book to those seeking to find answers to the question “Can the Word of God be trusted?”‘ Paul Wegner
I think he means “my answer”, not “answers”.

“Jones turns the tables on Bart Ehrman” with “probing logic … It is not the Newe Testament writers or copyists who depart from history, Jones shows, but a few scholars who invest too much faith in their skepticism.  Jones not only checks that skepticism: along the way he equips readers to make their own informed choices about authorship, scribal transmission, and church selection…”  Robert Yarbrough
Ooh, double speak!  Faith in skepticism?  (head desk)

“It is unfortunate when a scholar uses a technical discipline such as textual criticism to browbeat an unsuspecting public… [Jones] challenges the overblown claims of Ehrman’s sensationalized account… [and] presents anew the case for the trustworthiness of the New Testament….
“[Jones writes] in a readable style, combining pastoral concern with excellent activities for beginning students as well as entertaining anecdotes and illustrations.  The book is autobiographical to a high degree, which increases the personal appeal.
I note a lack of research and evidence, but I guess it was replaced with entertaining anecdotes.  
“Written with troubled believers in mind…
And then the author reveals that Jones has found out why Ehrman lost his faith, and that it has little to do with what Ehrman actually said caused it.
T. Scott Caulley

“In recent years, Christians have been assailed by a book genre that is increasingly critical of Christian beliefs.  Misquoting Truth reminds us that this critical alarm is often sounded in bombastic ways that seldom present the whole picture.” Gary Habermas


I have a pretty good idea of what this book is going to be now.  Its also no surprise that it was published by InterVarsity Press.

3 thoughts on “Quoting from Misquoting Truth

  1. TWF says:

    Wow! The only name I recognized there was Dr. James Kennedy, and he didn’t have anything to say about Jones’ book! 🙂

    I think that that is one of the ways that you can tell when you are really over the faith: you can look at reviews for a book like this, read what they say and what they do not say, and immediately recognize the book for what it is… a little mental salve for those wounded by Erhman’s book(s), but hardly anything that would qualify as a scholarly rebuttal of equal caliber.

    I wouldn’t advise drinking hot tea while reading this, pn. You wouldn’t want to spill it on yourself from chuckling uncontrollably. 🙂

  2. ... Zoe ~ says:

    “. . . pastoral concern . . . ” Bit of an emotional reaction right there for me. Implication? Erhman doesn’t give a sh** about you but Jones does. 🙄

  3. Ahab says:

    “Radical wing”? Ehrman’s claims are neither radical nor controversial. I see the conservative Christians wasted no time painting Ehrman as a bad guy.

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