High heels and half court

I was listening to a woman describe why she loves wearing heels and fancy purses.  This is not something I can easily understand.  High heeled shoes (or non-athletic shoes in general) make me feel unstable and uncomfortable   Purses are things that keep my hands tied up and are vehicles for losing important things in.  Such as when I put down the purse so I can use my hand and forget to pick the thing up again.  I’d rather pull around a ball and chain in bare feet.  At least my hands would be free and my toes unsquished.

This woman got through to me though.  She described the feeling of power, confidence and triumph.  That I understand!  It reminded me of a time I was playing basketball at a University gym.  I was the only girl there.  Half of the court was a group of 6 or 8 playing 3 on 3.  The other half was just me and a friend.  My friend was 6 foot 4 and pretty athletic.  I am not quite 5 foot 7 and my game plan is to run around, get in the way and wait for the other player to get too tired.  In other words, I am not so coordinated.

The boys on the other half of the court were finished and decided to watch us for a bit.  This gave us more room.  Instead of cheerleading, they decided to play Statler and Waldorf.  I’m a little sensitive to being made fun of for being female, especially when it was obvious these guy’s first language wasn’t English but they chose to speak it anyways.  I didn’t appreciate the comments.

“Next basket wins!” declared my friend.  He had been winning, I’m sure, so this was nice of him.  I had the ball but he pressed hard and I found myself being pushed backwards.  I was over the half court line, feinted to the side, stepped back, and threw.

Net!  Silence.  All the jokes about throwing like a girl died.  Yep, all those guys saw.  Even my guy friend was congratulating me on shutting them up.  Power, confidence and triumph!

If a pair of shoes can make someone feel like she sunk a basket from half court in front of a bunch of naysayers, I can understand why someone would want a closet full of them.   I take back all the snotty things I thought about a certain relative who has boxes of shoes.  And I’ve decided I need to start playing basketball again.

3 thoughts on “High heels and half court

  1. Donna Banta says:

    I agree, what ever works to keep the confidence level up. I’m not much for high heels, but I have way too many purses. 🙂

  2. D'Ma says:

    I hate purses,but a nice pair of heels put the exclamation point at the end of a statement! 🙂

  3. prairienymph says:

    Its so fascinating what works for different people. I have a blood red lipstick I wear for cleaning the house. Its like war paint or something.

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