Pirate Passover

We had the privilege of attending a passover seder.  A pirate passover seder!

While we followed the rituals from hand-washing with special soap, to eating eggs dunked in salt water, the reasons for each was read aloud.  In pirate.  While I loved that there was an orange on the seder plate for no reason except for a saying that says “a woman can be a rabbi when there is an orange on the seder plate”, it was the dipping of bitter greens in salt water that made me tear up.  A visceral reminder that finding justice for the oppressed requires even more tears and suffering.

The four questions that are asked every year about Passover were read and the story was told.  In pirate.

God was a sea monster.  The burning bush was talking seaweed, mistaken for a mermaid.  Moses and Pharaoh had sword fights right in front of us.The entire epic journey was retold in a way that not only made the story more entertaining, but more meaningful.  It is a story about triumph over injustice and freedom and the human spirit.  I’d never heard it before without the references to god overshadowing its beauty.

The next day, L’il T regaled us in pirate.  C-minor “yarr” and “arred” constantly, but we figured out she thought we were all pretending to be roaring dinosaurs every time we toasted.



A little pirate watching the lighting of the candles.

3 thoughts on “Pirate Passover

  1. Ahab says:

    That sounds like an awesome Passover. What’s better than pirates, sea monsters, and oranges? ARRRRR!

  2. TWF says:

    What a great experience! It highlights one of the things I’ve enjoyed about the Bible; relating to it on a very human level.

  3. prairienymph says:

    It was awesome! I think the woman who wrote out the Seder speech should translate the whole bible. It would have more impact. And pirates.

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