The first rule of a sleepover

In our church, there was only 1 boy my age.  There were older boys and younger boys, but my age group was all girls except for Mark.  He was such a sweetheart.  Quiet, kind, athletic, cute and well-trained by his older sisters.  Many girls in several provinces all had plans to marry him.  Although I didn’t have a crush on him he was a good friend.  Once he rescued me from an awkward socializing situation by inviting me to come exploring the creek on his farm.  He was pretty much perfect.

When we were 12 or possibly 11 we had a church sleepover.  Since most of the members were from out of town, people got billeted and shuffled around.  I ended up at the house with 11 year old triplet girls, me, more girls our age and Mark.  We all slept in the living room.  I have no idea why Mark was there.   Maybe the older guys didn’t want him and he preferred us over the younger boys?  Our church was very strict about separating genders at sleepovers so I’m guessing the elders had no idea.  

Mark, not knowing the rules of girls’ sleepovers, fell asleep first.  

We discussed the usual forms of punishment for the first sleeper- tacky nail polish, face painting, shaving cream sculptures and the like.  I was the one to come up with a particularly cruel form of torture.  I suggested we hog-tie him so he couldn’t move when he woke up.  And that we tie him up with bras.  (hangs head in shame)

So we did.

And he was the last one to wake up.  So we got to watch his face cloudy with confusion when he couldn’t move.  Then the horror of realization dawned on him and he ripped off all those bras and shook them off his body like a dog coming out of a lake.  He was jumping up and down and yelping a little.
It was vastly entertaining.  But maybe not very nice.  I never got to explain that this ritual meant we felt comfortable with him, half (or more) of us were in love with him, and we were glad he was there.  But really, what else could tying someone up with training bras mean?

6 thoughts on “The first rule of a sleepover

  1. TWF says:

    Love this story! Thanks for sharing.

  2. prairienymph says:

    Hey, you were a 12 year old boy once. Would this have been flattering or scarring?

    • TWF says:

      Probably a mix of both. It would really depend on the relationship circumstances, but I probably would have been a bit scared, and maybe even freaked out by the bras! 😉 However, I was a bit slow on the social interaction rituals.

      In that instant when I woke up, I probably would have thought that the girls had picked on me because I was a boy in a girls “world.” But as I got the chance to interact later, and see that the girls were actually friendly, I probably would have gotten over the incident quickly. 🙂

  3. -rb says:

    IMHO, it would be both. Initially scarring, but later this would transition to be flattering. It isn’t until we are much older that we have the presence to recognize that youthful antagonism is often “appreciation in hiding”.

  4. tlethbridge says:

    On the flip side, if Mark developed a kink for bondage, he can probably trace it back to this moment :-). On a more serious note, as an adolescent boy I would have been divided between horror and gratitude for female attention. If the aftermath was friendly, gratitude would have won out. Heck, I might even have made sure to fall asleep first at the NEXT sleepover.

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