Halloween Costume

The longer post I had just written about morality and fundamentalism is gone 😦 Instead, I present my Halloween costume idea.

Lil’T is excited to be a witch. She has a sparkly black and pink costume with a huge hat. C-minor is the familiar in her adorable black cat costume. But that got me thinking about witches.

How can you think about witches without the fear-mongering? the hatred? the murders? the vilification of midwives, wise women, and unwanted children?

I have a neighbour who won’t let her kids be vampires, fairies, unicorns, zombies or witches. Her reasons are entirely religious. Sorry, but I find the religious people who think fairies and witches are bad imminently more terrifying.

This is my costume idea. A little macabre in that I would be walking behind my adorable witchy daughter at a community event, but maybe people would think. Maybe they would get that my fears, superstitions and self-righteousness are the real evil. Since I live in Canada’s bible buckle, maybe the picket signs would trigger something.

Or maybe I should just be a puritan witch myself. A noose, some herbs? A little less obvious than the sign.

4 thoughts on “Halloween Costume

  1. TWF says:

    I like the witch burner costume idea.

    You know, it’s probably too late to make one, but a shrimp costume would be great as well. Then if anyone asked you about it, you could just say that shrimp are abominations to God. What could be more scary than that! 😉

    • prairienymph says:

      Ha! We could go as an abominable group: Lil’T would be mixed blend fabric, I shrimp, C’minor an unclean animal, and my gardener husband the guilty one who plants more than one kind of seed in our garden.

  2. Jon says:

    I’ll bet you scare the neighbors more than they thought you could!

  3. prairienymph says:

    I’m still not sure about the sign. People might think I’m mocking their god instead of some other people’s concept of god. I don’t want to offend, just spark some thoughts.

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