Our church taught us that we all had super powers.  Nine super powers, to be exact.  These were called “The Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit” and were imparted to us by “the laying on of hands of the elders”.  Of course, some people could operate them before the mystical men touched them and murmured words over them in the special coming-of-age ceremony.

This ceremony is especially important in these near-end times.  We need as many mutants as possible to win the war.

X-Men: The Last Stand Photo

These super-powers are taken from 1 Corinthians 12:

Knowledge gifts

    1. The gift of wisdom, verse 8
    2. The gift of knowledge, verse 8
    3. The gift of discernment, verse 10

Power gifts

    4. The gift of faith, verse 9

    5. The gift of healing, verse 9
    6. The gift of working of miracles, 9

Utterance gifts

    7. The gift of prophecy, verse 10

    8. The gift of tongues, verse 10
    9. The gift of the interpretation of tongues, verse 10

(Aside: I do think some people are naturally wise, intuitive or good with languages.)

Our church loosed mostly teens empowered with their new gifts.  Holy Spirit power.

Everyone was given the gift of prophesy.  Church meetings would dissolve into a super-power display.  I think extra points were given per misuse of King Jame’s English and the syllable Ah.  It was like our tattoo, marking those who belonged.

Faith was another popular power.  This one is used mostly on Facebook where people encourage all their friends to have faith.  It is also popular in kid movies about fairies and witches.  Deviant super-powers at work.

I never met anyone with the miracle superpower.  That didn’t stop the faith power people from declaring events they liked to be miracles.  It also didn’t stop us from all wanting that power.  Oh the possibilities…

I was a healer power.  This meant I was expected to put my hands on people if they were sick.  I liked this one, since I am a touchy-huggy person.   I used to imagine once this superpower got really strong I could walk into a hospital, unleash the power, and bam!  Yep, I could eliminate the national debt over health care costs, although without birth control this one might be more fatal.   Basically, I went around hugging people and giving back massages.   Somehow, my supernatural powers couldn’t match the massage therapists’.

A friend of mine was told he had the gift of discernment.  He promptly went around reading people’s minds.  He did this to me on occasion and even once got a church authority involved over my supposed questionable motives in being nice to someone.  His revelations of what I was thinking not once matched what I actually thought but did give me insights into his mind.  Of course, would he believe me when I corrected him?  Who was he going to believe, fallible me or God?

“God told me what you are thinking, I don’t know why He forgot to tell you”

Like the other X-men, we were a subgroup, distinct from mere humans.  While some were Purifiers, most of us weren’t that afraid of the society around us but we knew we had extra powers and special responsibilities.  We were in a war, after all.


5 thoughts on “X(tian)-Men

  1. Ahab says:

    Wow. If you don’t mind me saying, this all sounds pretty delusional! It likely served a strong emotional need in the congregants for meaning and power over their world. When did you begin to realize that it was hocus-pocus?

    For the record, I’ve met Apostolics who claimed to have these powers. One person claimed to emit healing oil from the palms of her hands, while another “prophesied” that I would never return to Philadelphia again. (I’ve been there six times since his “prophesy.”)

  2. ... Zoe ~ says:

    I had the gift of prophecy. Not the foretelling but the forthtelling. :mrgreen: Telling the truth or speaking the truth in a church where women are to keep quiet . . . major problem.

    My observance of gifts. They are allowed if they fall in line with leadership but if they don’t like the working-out of your gifting watch out. Next thing you know they’ll be blaming not God for the gifting but Satan.

  3. TWF says:

    The churches I had attended never stressed these gifts, but I had heard about other churches that did. Back then, it made me wonder if our church was somehow “broken,” or if those other churches were just fooling themselves.

    It took a long time for me to figure out that the answer to both questions was “yes.” 🙂

  4. prairienymph says:

    Ew, maybe the ‘healers’ hands were just sweaty. :p

    It took me a while to realize there were problems with this stuff. I really wanted to believe it and I have witnessed accurate predictions and actual healings (and conveniently ignored the false prophesies and unanswered prayers). I didn’t have an explanation at the time other than god.
    Sometimes I miss the delusion. Its easier to pray than find practical solutions.

    Zoe, speaker of truth, sounds like you also have the gifts of integrity and compassion. Very dangerous gifts to have when they don’t jive with the leadership. Mostly dangerous for you, I’m guessing?

    Ha, TWF, they can’t both be right but they can both be wrong 🙂 The first thing that bugged me about our church was how we talked about the ‘broken’ ones you mention.

  5. ... Zoe ~ says:

    That would be a pretty good guess PN. 🙂

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