The Moral is

Now its time for what I’ve learned today!

Modern wheat contains opioids!  Can this explain why fresh bread is so addictive?  Of course, exercise can release endogenous opioids and substances like alcohol also interact with our opioid receptors so this is not necessarily ‘bad’.  At least one study has found that those who eat wheat do consume more calories a day than those who don’t.

For more information see: and


In other news, I’ve learned that gossip is not necessarily bad.

It can be used for good things.   A friend was recently fired unfairly and in a humiliating way.  The gossip chain has ensured that many of her friends know she is in pain and why without her having to freshly explain to everyone herself.  As a result, people have been calling and sending her encouraging notes at a time when she needs support.

I’ve learned I need to talk about other people and how they relate to me to help navigate my relationships with them.    However, I have to be careful that my talking does not affect the relationship between the people I am talking to and the people I am talking about.

Talking about extended family issues with people who do not interact with any of them is one way.   The downside of this is that those people only hear my side of the story and may not have valuable insights into the situation as a whole.

Or, I can vent frustrations to people who will listen, point out what I can do or stop doing, and then forget everything I’ve said.  I have found talking to my husband about situations with his siblings does not seem to affect his relationship with them.  That may be because he isn’t fully listening 🙂 or it may be because he is aware of all of our biases and weaknesses.  This does seem like a large burden to put on the listener.

Nothing is perfect, but my desire to never talk to or about people ever again isn’t the best idea.  I guess I’ll just have to learn how.



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