How is that free?

Lil’T had a panic attack so I rode on the school bus with her to school.  There was a rousing debate over whether this was a free country or not with some of the bigger kids.  The school goes up to grade 4, so they still weren’t very big.  I didn’t hear much of their conversation because my kids were singing “wheels on the bus” in my ear, but I was still impressed.

“This is a free country.  If it wasn’t we’d be all dead cuz they’d make us all go fight in wars.”

“No, it isn’t a free country.  When we grow up we have to get jobs and do what our employer tells us to.  How is that free?”


3 thoughts on “How is that free?

  1. Ahab says:

    “This is a free country. If it wasn’t we’d be all dead cuz they’d make us all go fight in wars.”

    Wise words. I will remember Lil’T’s words the next time I talk with someone about our diminishing civil liberties!

  2. prairienymph says:

    Those were her busmates words. She was singing “Wheels on the bus”. However, I wonder if the second kid wasn’t more accurate.
    Our government has issued a fatwah against certain public service employees who dare criticize it or go public with budget cuts and how that is going to affect other Canadians. First scientists were not allowed to talk to journalists about their findings except through certain government officials. Now our federal parks employees are forbidden to speak out, and several other sectors.

  3. David says:

    well, people do have to work, or nothing gets done. thus, jobs are pretty well necessary. that doesn’t mean we don’t live in a free country.

    we stop living in a free country when our freedom of expression gets censored and when people aren’t treated equally.

    as with many things, the truth lies somwhere in the middle. we aren’t a completely free country (and our current PM isn’t helping), imo, but we do still have many rights that many others do not.

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