Dance-Walk Flash Mob!

On the weekend we joined a flash mob of dance walkers at our downtown pedestrian mall.

What is dance-walking? Besides awesome and ridiculous? (See the links below.)

We started out just after lunch time.  Our little group had about 20 little kids and 20 adults.  What is more adorable than a group of tousle haired 3 month to 5 year olds wiggling and jumping down the street?

(There aren’t many pictures of the kids since I hadn’t asked their parent’s permission to use them.  You’re missing out.)

The buskers jammed with us.

We ended the dance-walk at a fountain where we continued the party with some newcomers who joined in.  After the kids jumped in and got soaked, most of them stripped off their clothes and jumped back in.  They were soon joined by other little kids.  One tourist mother was very confused but decided it was a Canadian custom for little kids to strip naked and dance in public fountains and joined us with her 2 year old.

One regal white-haired lady dance-walked with us several blocks all the way to the fountain, jumped in the water with us, and then asked, “Is this one of those flash mobs?”

4 thoughts on “Dance-Walk Flash Mob!

  1. Ahab says:

    That sounds AWESOME! I’m glad all those folks got to have fun.

  2. Jon says:

    I’m glad people still know how to have fun!

  3. D'Ma says:

    Ha! That’s INCREDIBLE! Flash mob, indeed. 😀

  4. prairienymph says:

    We’ll be doing these all over the city this summer! Maybe without the kiddies flashing other people. Maybe.

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