One of these things is like the other

I have friends that are ridiculously alike in many ways but see each other as fundamentally different.  I am often struck by how similar we are to the people we view as the most different.

Now for a game of Similar and Different.  (I mostly wrote about people I am sure do not read this blog, if you feel I’ve written anything inappropriate, please to tell me.)


I know two people of Asian background who are over 6 feet tall. They both love shopping and fashion and own probably 3x the number of shoes I do. They are both naturally gifted at math but find spending time with small children one of the most rewarding things in their lives. They are really good at almost any sport and also are sappy romantics.

The difference? One is a straight man, the other a femme lesbian.


Neither of these women like to shave their leg hair. The first one refuses to since she will not let society police her appearance on principle. The second one would prefer not to but does for certain occasions. I love to hear them tell stories as they have the ability to transport you into another world with their words. They are quiet, insightful and good cooks. They have both devoted their life to making the world a better place by living out their ideals.

The difference: the first is a fundy Christian who believes women are supposed to have inferior social roles to men, the second is a secular feminist who wants a safe world for all marginalized peoples.


Both of these moms would see the other as a danger to her child. They both baby-wear and home school. They garden, preserve, can, and take care of livestock. They eat mostly organic foods and stay in shape. They use homeopathy and aromatherapy (googlescholar ‘aerosols’ and ‘Navajo traditional medicine’). Both of them work hard at making their communities child-friendly and welcoming.

The difference: one is an evangelical Christian who believes evolution is a lie and human rights for homosexuals will destroy society. The other is queer, poly-amorous and a LGBTI rights activist.


These two women are highly intelligent and compassionate. Music is an important part of their lives. They love to teach and are gifted with connecting with those that most people overlook. They are always looking to brighten the day of those around them. The first follows the teachings of the Dalai Lama while the other follows the teachings of Jesus.

The difference: The first one is very right-wing and no longer surprises me with her racist comments. The second is a bleeding-heart liberal who marches in Pride parades to support her friends.



7 thoughts on “One of these things is like the other

  1. Ahab says:

    Wow. A reminder that humans come in all configurations!

  2. David says:

    I really don’t know that I could be friends with someone who made a lot of racist comments; that’s just not something I’d want to be around.

    Homeopathy is a complete hoax.

    But on to your point, yes, our similarities far outnumber our differences. We tend to focus on our differences way too often, and I myself am guilty of it too. Kinda reminds me of this George Carlin bit…

  3. Lorena says:

    All I can say is, boy, you know a lot of people 🙂

    • prairienymph says:

      I love George Carlin! Thanks.

      I do know a lot of people of many configurations probably from growing up in a rural community and belonging to a highly networked but small international church.

  4. David says:

    carlin was awesome. i miss that old fuck…

  5. TWF says:

    Did I get that right that there is a racist, right-wing, Dalai Lama follower? Wow! She must be a trip to hang around!

    Beautiful word snapshots! People are really odd. It’s funny how our positions can occlude our similarities with others.

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