Opera & Flu

This has been a crazy week.   Lil’T was performing in an opera that the kids in her elementary school wrote with the help of our city’s professional opera company.  I didn’t even know we had a professional opera company.

Since this year’s science theme is space, the kids made the opera about a super nova.  I nearly cried at the end when the sweet super nova explodes.   After the stars and Pluto there were, of course, artist Diego Rivera, bullfighters, and flamenco dancing aliens (the kindergartners).   I couldn’t believe these kids wrote an opera full of science, sci-fi, existential angst, loss and friendship.  The older grades, 4 and 5, were also the orchestra.  Amazing.

Then I had my four impacted wisdom teeth extracted and my lover (PNL) and Lil’T came down with the flu.  The past few days I’ve been hallucinating on codeine while trying to help the flu victims.  Thankfully, C-minor seems happy and healthy.  However, unlike her big sister who reacts to me being sick by becoming more helpless, the toddler reacts by getting into more mischief.

Throwing tantrums, throwing toys, throwing punches, but thankfully not throwing up.

Updated: We are both sick now.


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