I quit!

I quit my job for the first time that had nothing to do with moving out of province/country or having a baby.

I felt uneasy the first time I met my new boss, but wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt.  Obviously she had a lot of stress in her life and I wanted to be as gracious and understanding as possible.  When she started firing people and other people started quitting I did not want to add to her stress.

The woman vibrates with anger and threatens to ‘give people hell’ for such misdemeanors as not doing this woman’s dishes.  She has imagined several cases of sexual harassment between us employees.  None of these accusations are true and the people this woman told were being sexually harassed said they would have laughed if they weren’t so afraid of her.  When one person went on vacation, we were told he was on a personal leave of absence but to book patients for him and not tell them until they arrived for their appointment.  She threatened us if we refused to do what she said.

She is charging people for free samples that say “Sample: not for resale”, sometimes at ridiculous prices.  She is also selling our expired products (at a slightly reduced rate) that we used to throw out or give away.  Our employee  discount has practically disappeared.

I hate the stupid mind games she plays and how she tries to pit us employees against each other.  I hate how she pulls people into the back and yells at them for imagined crimes or for not doing her dishes.    I hate how she gloats about getting one of us to clean her shoes, mop up her mess or scoop her messes out of the toilet.  I hate how she has taken our safe space where we respected each other and served people with knowledge and compassion into a place of tension, anger and fear.

On the other hand, it is making it much easier to move on.  In fact, it is now necessary to move on. New adventures ahead…  Summer is a great time to have weekends free!

6 thoughts on “I quit!

  1. Ahab says:

    What a toxic woman! Thank goodness you’re out of that mess.

  2. D'Ma says:

    Congratulations! It sounds like a person I heard speak recently: She said, “I have good news and I have bad news. The bad news is, I lost my job. The good news is, I lost my job.”

    Like the old Kenny Rogers song, “know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em”. Good luck on your future endeavors. Woohoooo…free weekends!

  3. Kirstin says:

    I hope you can blissfully enjoy your summer weekends. 🙂 I’m very curious and excited about what your future will hold. Midwifery school?!

  4. aldertree says:

    Good for you for leaving a terrible situation!

  5. Lorena says:

    Unreal! In this day and age in a first world country. Wow!

  6. TWF says:

    You are quite mature to have given this woman a chance, and quite wise to get out! 🙂 Best of luck for what lies ahead!

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