Racism, homophobia and sexism

Ah, politics in the Bible buckle of Canada.  For something frustrating, see  http://www.toryorwildrose.ca/

This link contains quotes by the two leading parties in our province.  I’d post this on my facebook except that I know people who will vote for them because of comments like these.

On a more positive note, I recently had a conversation with a Christian woman who I really respect.  She began to talk about polyamory and homosexuality.  I froze, not wanting to jump into anything.  She then pointed out how the bible treats each of them and concluded that both of them could be fine if cultural norms and individual respect were present.

This was the same person who refused to watch a Christian documentary For the Bible Tells me So.  It makes me hope that many people that the Right is relying on to vote for them based on their homophobia will be disappointed.


5 thoughts on “Racism, homophobia and sexism

  1. Jon says:

    I had hoped our Northern neighbors were a bit more civilized than that.

  2. donnabanta says:

    Ditto Jon. I didn’t know Canada had a bible belt, much less a buckle.

  3. Cognitive Dissenter says:

    This is disheartening. Here’s hoping kinder hearts and more rational minds prevail.

  4. Lorena says:

    Yeap, There is such a buckle. I married a man who was born there. His family are as fundamentalist as they are hypocritical. They make me ill.

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