Changing the world, one doodle at a time

I just finished my 30 some page paper on pregnancy and disability.  I learned a lot, especially about the prejudice our society has towards disabled people and adult roles.  I was surprised at how consistently people with disabilities are portrayed as asexual (when studies show there is no noticeable difference of libido) and how so many people with disabilities internalize that stereotype.  I was horrified at the treatment of pregnant women with disabilities by their families, medical staff, and medical researchers.  There were also stories of people truly supporting disabled mothers.

One of the reasons our society denies the sexuality and capacity for motherhood is that we rarely see disabled people in those roles in the media.  This has to do with an underlying anxiety towards disabled and disfigured people in general and towards pregnant disabled women in particular.   This anxiety causes and is increased by the lack of visible disabled people in adult social roles.  The more we are exposed to the reality that disabled people are just as human as we are, the more we can treat them that way.

In order to facilitate this, I present a drawing inspired by a friend

3 thoughts on “Changing the world, one doodle at a time

  1. The Wise Fool says:

    I know I am guilty of that prejudice, at least to some extent. I worked with a guy who was a paraplegic, with only limited use of his hands and arms as well. It was tough for me to grasp that he had not just given up on his sexual side.

    That’s a beautiful sketch.

  2. ... Zoe ~ says:

    I find that sketch, striking. The use of light to highlight their relationship, mother/child but there’s almost an angelic halo feel with the use of yellow about the mother’s head and back.

    • prairienymph says:

      Thanks WF & Zoe.
      I also did not really think about people with certain kinds of disabilities as sexual. One man, a paraplegic I believe, said that he had not known how great sex could be until he lost feeling in his genitals. So much to learn…

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