Breast Day at Work

The store I work at has a new owner that I had only met briefly once.

Yesterday a customer who did not speak English very well was asking about hot flashes.  I gave her a sample cream that has mild progesterogenic effects and was explaining how to use it.  She did not understand, so I showed her the two best places to rub the cream in: the wrists and the breastbone right where the breasts start.

My new boss walked in right as I was rubbing the top of my breast.

Later someone called to ask if we had a certain product.  I thought she asked for lanolin, which is most often used for nursing mother’s whose nipples are cracked.

She asked how to apply it.  I told her nursing mothers usually put some on their finger and place it right on the sore nipples.

She was quiet and then said that her sister had told her it was a great deodorant.

I was about to say I’d never heard of people using for deodorant when I remembered we carry a deodorant called Lavilin.

Luckily, the lady had a sense of humour.  I wish I could have seen her face.


3 thoughts on “Breast Day at Work

  1. Donna Banta says:

    Too funny. I imagine you run into quite a few humorous scenarios with your job.

  2. prairienymph says:

    I also had an elderly Italian couple asking about helping erectile dysfunction in mime. It was especially funny because neither of them were shy at all, but the African woman who came in while they were acting things out was.
    And there was another woman who wanted a cleanse but did not want to talk about bowel movements. She just left the store when I started talking about the colon cleanse she had in her hand.
    People are so funny.

  3. Your job sounds a lot more interesting than mine! And that’s saying something.

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