More Decisions

A friend of mine is very intuitive.  A few weeks ago she told me that she had been meditating and focusing on me.  She got a very strong impression of

1) job promotion

2) moving

3) job loss

I told her that was easy to interpret but that it was not about me.   Her husband has been told he may have an opportunity for a large promotion soon.  They are looking at buying a house and when they move my friend wants to quit her job and expand her home businesses.

She said it did sound like her family but that she had been really focusing on me during that time.  She asked me to keep her posted.

On Friday my husband was asked to consider transferring from CowTown to DeerVille.  They said it would lead to faster promotions for him.   We’ve talked about the possibility of moving to DeerVille before.  It is much smaller and cleaner.  I have relatives there that I would love to see more often.  It would be a good place to practice midwifery and lots of good gardening opportunities if my lover wanted to work less at his other job.  There is a college I could finish my degree at through the University I am currently attending.

But we would have to move.  I am finally feeling settled after 6 years!  I like my job and am not ready to leave.   I like Lil’T’s school.  I like my school.  I know where babysitters, libraries, and community kids programs are.  I can finish my degree here and if I don’t make it into the College of Midwifery (10 spots a year, waiting list of 100 is always full), I can do a Master’s.

I told my friend about this ‘opportunity’ and she grinned.  I had forgotten her impressions of a few weeks earlier.

She smiled and said that she never says what will be, only what may be.

I hate making decisions.


7 thoughts on “More Decisions

  1. The Wise Fool says:

    Oh, tough one! At least it sounds like there are definite benefits to either decision, so may there isn’t a bad choice. One decision is just going to be a little more hectic than the other for a while. I wish you the best of luck, whatever you and your lover decide!

  2. Number ONE Son would love to have you there – just to babysit the girls if nothing else. I doubt you would run with his crowd much but you might slow them down a little.

  3. Kirstin says:

    Well. I bet you can guess what our opinion would be on the matter. 🙂 But at the same time, we’d be the first to say there are things about “Cowtown” that we dearly miss…

    • prairienymph says:

      Yes, you guys are definitely a plus on the side of Deerville! That was one of the first things we talked about. However, it would be really hard for me to finish school and find a preceptorship there.

  4. Quince says:

    Let me just point out, as a fellow gardener, Deerville actually has a shorter growing season than Cowtown, even though that should be counter-intuitive being where it is. They get a lot less frost-free days, and often frost in late August/early Sept.

    You also can’t beet the amenities of a larger city. It would be hard for me to live too far away from the arts, culture and educational institutions.

  5. Quince says:

    On the plus side, I’d love having you guys closer by 🙂

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