Tooque Ridiculous

Why are people embarrassed by being practical?

Yesterday I picked Lil’T up at school instead of the bus stop.  Us parents waited in the school entrance as  it was below -20 C with the windchill; which is not too cold but cold enough.

As it was time to leave, the another mom reluctantly pulled a knitted toque from her purse.  She went on about how embarrassing it was to have to wear such a ridiculous piece of clothing.  She sounded defensive as she explained that her ears got too cold on the way to the school so she would have to wear it now.  It was true, her ears were a painful shade of red.

In contrast to her light jacket, open neck, and bare head and hands, I was dressed for the weather.  I had on ski pants, a neck warmer, and all the rest of the appropriate clothing.   I felt like I was hearing a painfully skinny person tell a person of average size about how the skinny person wants to lose weight.   Did the woman not see the toque already on my head?

This mother is over 40 years old.   If she were 14 I could understand it.  If she were trying to boast about how she could handle cold I could understand it.  If she had a hairstyle that would be affected by the headgear I would be less perplexed.  Nope, she was under-dressed because she felt embarrassed by wearing a toque.   All of this was in front of her daughter who did have a toque on.

How often to we talk at people without seeing them?

And who says toques are ridiculous?  This beautiful one from Etsy is gorgeous

Or these:


(My favourites are the football and shark toques not pictured here.)

11 thoughts on “Tooque Ridiculous

  1. Mórrígan says:

    Dude, seriously? They’re adorable. I am baffled by the human race.

  2. Is she new to cold weather or something? I love hat weather! They’re also a lot of fun to knit.

    Amusing side note: My roommate’s Canadian husband (she’s moving to Edmonton once the immigration stuff works out) has two daughters. When he was visiting us for Christmas he was skyping with one of his daughters, who’s 11, back home. She found out that “toque” is a Canadian word and literally shrieked with laughter at the idea that most Americans wouldn’t know what a toque was! (We would just call them hats, or knit hats.)

    • prairienymph says:

      Of course you knit hats! I had forgotten. Do you have pics too?

      I thought it was just North Carolineans who didn’t know about toques. Apparently they slide down hills on ‘toques’ and put ‘toboggans’ on their heads.

      • Alas, I gave away every hat I ever knitted. I actually finished one about a month ago just for myself, only to find that it was much too small! I unraveled it and never started over again.

  3. Donna Banta says:

    The woman is bizarre, pics are adorable!

  4. Those toques are gorgeous! Now I feel like I need a new one …

    We live at the top of a canyon near a major freeway, meaning the wind when we go for walks can make all the difference. Having a warm hat turns what would otherwise be a miserable experience into an enjoyable and invigorating one. This time of year I never leave home without one. People can be so weird!

  5. Fur hats, toques, cloth hats, scarves, headgear of all kinds are worn here in winter by most women (except my Tanya…). Men wear fur hats, caps, toques, rarely bareheaded. Not sure why in Canada it was such a shame to wear enough clothes to be warm, including headgear.

  6. jen says:

    I thought that way when I was fourteen… Actually – I thought I was being weak if I wore the proper gear, not to mention it looked goofy. I totally got over that though. I’d rather be WARM!

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