My response to previous email


It is nice to hear from you. I share many of your passions and concerns. I also want people to have healthy relationships, healthy marriages, and healthy sexuality. I am also concerned with girls not being taken seriously when they say “no”. This is part of rape culture  and I am very passionate about making our world a safer and healthier place. Part of this comes from being a woman myself, and part of it comes from being a mother of daughters, which I know you can relate to.

However, I am curious to know why you are writing me. I wonder if you want to dialogue or if you just want a place to state your views where people like Blog Fodder won’t debate you. I really don’t know. If you do want to dialogue, what are you looking for?

What you have said is familiar, and I used to hold all of the beliefs you talk about. Some of them remain, although some I have changed after further investigation. Some things you say are uninformed or one-sided and some are completely inaccurate. If you are interested in continuing the dialogue, I want to know if you are willing to hear another view.

I’m not being sarcastic, I just do not know you very well. Are you the type of person to seek out truth from all sides, weighing what you know and being willing to re-evaluate your own assumptions as well as challenge the person you are talking with? Are you the type of person who feels defensive when someone sees things differently and get angry if someone tells you that you are wrong (most of us are like this at least some of the time)? I do not know. How you are feeling now is a good indicator. Are you curious to know which things you said are inaccurate or have you already dismissed me and feel offended that I would disagree with you?

If you feel that you do not want to dialogue, I will respect that. I do not want to waste my time sharing things with someone who does not want to hear them. However, if you do want to continue the dialogue, I would be happy to continue. Perhaps we can both learn something.


I am feeling very mature right now 🙂  Lets see how long it lasts.

One thought on “My response to previous email

  1. Glad the person wrote to you. Someone logical, literate, calm and collected. I would likely go off like a Roman Candle. I even found a whole new raft of insults – scroll down to the 3rd last paragraph here.

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