Honeymoon Phase

We have now entered the honeymoon phase of the abusive relationship.

This is the part where the recently squashed person now receives a vomit of lovey phrases, flowers, and other such bribes in order to make the person doubt themselves and the seriousness of what they went through.  The person is supposed to be confused about their previous hurt and temptation to label the abuser a bully.  They are now supposed to reflect on what a nice abuser they have and label themselves crazy and unworthy of their abuser’s love.

We have gotten several emails assuring us of Peaches & Cream’s love for us.  While I don’t doubt their feelings are genuine, I am not buying their line that we can all have a close and deep relationship again.  Nor do I agree that real love requires “brutal honesty”.  (Her words.)

There is also a gift coming in the mail.

One of the emails supposedly demonstrating their love was sent to all of the offspring.

I am  parent and I disagree.  I also have parents that I know love, pray and care for me very much, probably more than I know.  I don’t hate them.  I never have.  They are not my worst nightmare.  I don’t want to be this for my kids.

So, honeymoon fail.  We aren’t going on that trip.

5 thoughts on “Honeymoon Phase

  1. Ahab says:

    Good for you! I’m glad that you see through their tactics.

  2. Real love requires “brutal honesty”? My guess is she thinks that statement gives her a free pass to bully you with her “honesty,” but you don’t get the reciprocal right to be honest with her. You just have to swallow her abuse with a smile. (I’ve known too many “Christians.”)

  3. The Wise Fool says:

    Now that we’ve smeared manure on you, it looks like you could use a wet wipe. With our great love, we’ll send you one in the mail.

    Christ’s blessings upon you,

    Yuck! :-p Glad you’ve got the right perspective on this!

  4. ... Zoe ~ says:

    And as you know, after the honeymoon comes another blow. Be prepared. 😦

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