Family resemblence

Yesterday I had communication with two people I  share DNA with.

One of them believes that Obama was not born in the USA.  Newt Gingrich is reasonable and fair.  The US was founded on the bible, but Michelle Bachman’s desire to return to biblical law is just another form of Shari’a.

He also believes anyone moderate (read: not extreme right) is an extreme Lefty.  He is a right-wing libertarian and thinks he has earned everything he has and those who have problems deserve to suffer.  After all, he is doing fine and doesn’t want to pay for lazy people to have nice TVs.  Or maybe health care?

Oh yes, and the cross has nothing to do with Christianity.  It is a universal symbol of “crossing over”.  Too bad ‘universal’ applies only to English speakers.

The other describes our government as “corporate communism”.  He believes we will soon be made into official slaves of the government and this will be good since the only change will be that we won’t have to pay taxes anymore.  Take heart though because Christ will return soon and end our slavery.

The part that scares me about these men is that we have a lot in common.  Besides common ancestors, we share other annoying traits.  Like a love of basic physics and lack of social skills.  Or a love of arguing but only if we are the only one talking.  I guess that is just a love of lecturing with the illusion of audience participation and agreement.

A few years ago we also shared the delusion that our little church group was favoured by an almighty God above all others and would eventually rule over said others in an eternal afterlife.

While I can gloat that at least I don’t share the massive conspiracy theories they both ascribe to, we really aren’t so different.

Which isn’t all bad: they both adore animals and small children.  If you need a hand, they will be there.   Maybe not if you are on welfare, though…   I’m not sure.

I do have irrational fears of small enclosed spaces.  And swarms of small children.  And preppy clothing stores.  (Serious, I do get panic attacks from the above.)

I do have irrational beliefs.  But I don’t know what they are!  I think I’m every bit as balanced and rational as my two relatives.  And that scares me too.


4 thoughts on “Family resemblence

  1. Ahab says:

    You just described a close relative of mine to a T. And yes, despite the fact that our politics and interests are light years apart, this relative and I share similar temperments. I guess these ironies aren’t uncommon with family members.

  2. Donna Banta says:

    Ditto Ahab. I have relations who I think are crazy — and it’s scary how much I’m like them!

  3. Lorena says:

    I hear you. I often experience aha moments when I realize what my close family members are really like. And those moments have often helped me step away from brutal habits.

    I’m of the opinion that watching my familiy members is of extreme importance in making me a better person. They’re like a pristine mirror I can look at myself on. Scary, very scary.

    But, you know, it also helps me see how far I’ve come, in how many ways I no longer resemble them.

    No, you’re not like them. In essence, you’re very different.

  4. Jen says:

    we’re all crazy. and we’re all wonderful.
    Politics is one thing that I never really fit in my family – but I hadn’t researched things enough to know why. Now, I really enjoy reading and listening to many different points of view, and that makes me very different from my craziest relatives. They believe they are right, but have never explored anything else.

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