My Girls are Superstars

Today the babysitter’s kids were sick so my two came with me to my last class.

On the bus Lil’T began singing me some songs she is learning in kindergarten.  When she began “Jingle Bells”, the entire front half of the bus joined in!  (The back half were all attached to their iPods and probably didn’t notice.)

She finished the song just as we came to our stop and so Lil’T exited to the applause of the remaining passengers.

At the end of my class, our professor made a short good-bye speech as this was her last class before her Sabbatical.  Her speech ended with a simple “bye.”  C-minor stood up and warbled “bye!  bye!” right back.

At that moment the class was applauding.  C-minor was delighted with all the applause and as soon as it was quiet she hollered out “bye bye” again.  No applause.

She looked right at the person closest to her, said “bye bye” again and then clapped.   No applause.  She looked a little bewildered but then began giving high fives to people.  That resulted in the attention she was looking for.

I wonder if my kids will now expect applause for every cute thing they do.

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