Favourite Bible

My favourite bible used to be the Hebrew/Greek key study bible.  I loved how a tense of verb in the original language could completely change the nuance of the verse that was missed in the English translation.

However, if I had known about this http://www.thebricktestament.com/!  It would have been my favourite.  Warning: contains scenes of mountains of foreskins and biblical counsel on such topics as ‘when to kill your rebellious teenager’.

9 thoughts on “Favourite Bible

  1. Ahab says:

    Underneath your post was an advertizement for cinnamon rolls. Imagine my surprise upon reading about “mountains of foreskins,” and then seeing an image of raw cinnamon rolls piled on top of each other.

    Yes, I’m odd.

  2. Donna Banta says:

    OMG, Jesus Legos…awesome!

  3. I must say, Adam and Eve look suspiciously androgynous …

  4. The Reverend really does some nice work! Love it!

  5. ... Zoe ~ says:

    I love The Brick Testament. I also love Lego. 🙂

    Off-topic. You have ad’s on your blog that Ahab can see? I’ve never seen any ads. What’s up? (BTW, not saying I’m anti-ads, just wondering.)

    • prairienymph says:

      Must be from Ahab’s browser. I don’t have any ads.

      Lego is wonderful!
      I was going to ask for a paper copy for Christmas, but my M-I-L said she thinks it is appalling. We sent her the story of ‘when to kill your rebellious teenager’ (upon request for an action of God that was evil) and her reply was that disobedience is the cause of society’s malfunction.

  6. Foreskins are useful. A wallet made from foreskins will become a suitcase if you rub it.

  7. Erica says:

    I love Legos and this takes the cake. Love, Love, Love, Love Love this! Thanks for posting this!

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