Safe Spaces

On Are Women Human Debbie posted a thoughtful article about Penn State and its ramifications.

The last paragraph made me think.  It is true that we can all agree that assaults on children are terrible.  But what about assaults on other people?

What if someone does not resist something because they are afraid of losing their job or losing social support.  Or perhaps, they are not aware they have a say?

Perhaps the motives of the crime are different.  Mere entitlement and subconscious dehumanization of those with less power.  Maybe the motives aren’t any different.

Maybe the person doing the assault has simply chosen a victim with no support from society.  Maybe they are just unaware that other people do not have the same power as they do.

Is ignorance a crime?

Regardless, the loss of safe space both internal and external is the same for the victim whether they are defined as an acceptable victim or not.


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