I had a great birthday.

While at work, 4 of my co-workers dropped by (or were there already) with presents.  I’ve always had a hard time with accepting presents, but it is getting more fun!  I guess practice makes perfect?

I was treated to a delicious homemade meal and had dark chocolate and cheescake for dessert.  (Which I took home and shared with my girls.  Chocolate is twice as fun with a small child who bursts into song at first sight.)

After work, I had a nap and then we went out for supper.  (A rare occurrence.)  We went to a small Indian restaurant so I had to wear a sari.  Hardly anyone was there, so lil’T and I danced in the centre while C-minor took off to talk to the decorations.

I love getting older, birthdays just get better and better!

3 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. Happy belated Birthday! It does sound like you had a great time. It says a lot about you if your co-workers are making meals for you. 🙂

    I may have burst out into song if it was for Brownies. That’s my weakness!

  2. D'Ma says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like it was a great one!

  3. prairienymph says:

    It was nice. My co-workers often share food so it really wasn’t much different than usual, but we all pretended it was.

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