Bible Study!

I am sending in a proposal to my old church to do 2 bible studies.  One will be on gender and the other will be on talking with Atheists/Agnostics.  My lover is thinking of doing a bible study (using the actual bible) about how it was more likely the crucifixion took place during the Feast of Tabernacles instead of the Passover.

Here is a draft outline for the A/A talk.  Thoughts, comments, cartoons?

Biggest mistake Christians make:
Making assumptions about what A/A people believe or have experienced
 -Have everyone share their stereotypes of A/A people
-Share survey data about A/A people
Many A/A are former Christians
-What assumptions do we have of why someone would leave Christendom
-Share survey results of why people actually left
Tips from Alise Wright, a Christian whose husband left the Church after they were married, from Rachael Evan’s blog
1) Don’t assume they are evil.
2) Don’t assume its just a phase, would you want them to call your faith a phase?
3) Don’t say “it takes just as much faith to be an A/A as a Christian”.  Many A/A are empiricists.  Define ’empiricist’.
4) Don’t assume they weren’t really saved before they became A/A.  That is calling them a liar.
5) Don’t assume they are unhappy or have no sense of purpose.
End with call to not make assumptions but ask questions, and to earn the right to ask those questions by just being a friend.  Have people share stories.  Ask someone to close in prayer.

7 thoughts on “Bible Study!

  1. The trouble with Biblical gender studies is that they tend to just focus on Deborah, Ruth, Mary, and Mary. They study the “roles” for women, but not the offensive stuff. So, I think you may need to help out the local church if you want it to be accurate. 🙂 Maybe they need some guidance like with the A/A points, things like:

    Is it OK for women to speak in church?
    When are fathers allowed to sell their daughters?
    How much is a woman worth to God as an offering when compared to a man?

    • prairienymph says:

      I’m staying as far away from those questions as possible. Our church has already answered them:
      1) only in certain circumstances
      2) any time they aren’t in North America
      3) 1/2

      I plan not to use the bible at all, but to explain from a scientific point of view what male and female are and how it is a false dichotomy. I’m going to talk about chromosomes, gonads, exterior genitalia and how it forms, hormone ratios and receptor cells. Most of can be put into male or female categories, but 2-5 % of us cannot. Once we get that male/female isn’t so simple, then we can question gender and masc/fem stereotypes. And then we can question our notions of homosexuality!

      Of course, I’d use pictures and games to talk about it. Sneaky and silly works much better than technical and know-it-all.

  2. Ahab says:

    Wise Fool — :: chuckles ::

    Prairie Nymph — The talking points on atheists and agnostics look good.

  3. I really really like your talking points on the A/A stuff.

    During my nurse’s aid training, it came up in conversation with one of my teachers that I was atheist. She could not understand how I could be such a happy person without a belief in god. Also, she said, “What do you do when times are bad?” and I responded, “My friends and family are amazing.” And it’s true–my friends and family have been so good to me. (For instance: when I had a bad bike accident last year a friend started a paypal account and friends donated enough to more than pay for my new glasses.) I know I really can lean on them when things are hard, and I do my best to return the favor.

    But I’ve run into this before: the idea that atheists must not be happy. WHAT. I enjoy my life, thank you. I think I enjoy life more, and more of an effort to enjoy it, because I know that this is it–that I won’t get any other chances.

    Or the idea that atheists can’t be good. That one really pisses me off. I’m a human being, and like all healthy human beings, I have a sense of sympathy and empathy. I don’t want other people to hurt because I know what it feels like to hurt. I want other people to feel loved because I know what it feels like to be loved. Human beings in general are happier when they’re kind to other people.

    I like the way a friend of mine put it: If you’re only refraining from hurting others because you’re afraid of hell, you’re still a child who only behaves because they’re afraid of a spanking. It’s extremely immature. And creepy.

    • prairienymph says:

      That is sad-funny. You are an obviously cheerful person, but as a fundy Christian we were taught that anyone not fundy-Christian was never really happy. They were only decieved. And if they were good without Christ, imagine how good they would be with him! How is that for dismissing a person.

      I’ve actually heard people pray for others to be in bad circumstances where they wouldn’t have friends to turn to so they would turn to god. Creepy is right.

      I like that saying “Morality is doing right regardless of what you are told to do, Religion is doing what you are told to do regardless of what is right.”

  4. Quince says:

    I know you are doing a Bible study on gender issues, but it seems to me the false reality created that allows some Christians and religious people to gloss over our extreme environmental problems for the sake of upholding their particular ideology or worldview at the expense of reality-based fact is a topic for the next study! 😉

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