Parent-teacher Interviews

Our computer is being capricious this past week.  Sometimes it will turn on, sometimes not.  Sometimes it will stay on for more than 5 minutes.  Sometimes not.


In the meantime, I went to my first parent-teacher interview.  I didn’t feel qualified, until I remembered that I was indeed ‘a parent’ and not just a big kid responsible for several smaller kids.

It was a little daunting.  I waited patiently for the parents ahead of me to finish up, even though I arrived before they did.  When it became obvious to the principal patrolling the hallways that the other parents were not going to leave unless forced, I interrupted them.  Most of my scheduled time was already gone. ( Of course, I left on time so the next parents did not have to wait.)

It was a little ironic, since one of Lil’T’s problems with school is that the other kids don’t share and she is always waiting until the others have finished before she can have her turn.  I asked her if she let the other kids know she needed to do certain things or would like a turn.  She hadn’t.  She was too scared to speak up.

Why aren’t our kids magically better than we are?

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