Recieving End

A customer at my work was interested in helping a cosmetic condition.  I told him about what could be helpful.  He wasn’t interested in anything that wasn’t instant and remarked that instead he should just ask his pastor to lay hands on him and pray for healing.

I added that Iwas familiar with such services and tried to segue back to what could help his condition and what would not.  The woman aiding this man who had a slight disability, suddenly paid attention.

“Did it work – the healing services?” She asked.

“Sometimes.”  I replied.

She gave me a look and asked my opinion of why it worked for some and not for others.

“I think certain people are more responsive to the placebo affect than others.  There may be more to it, but our minds are powerful and we don’t understand how we work.”  I told her quietly.

The man she was helping walked closer.

“Do you go to church?” he said.

“I used to.”  I added reluctantly.

“Used to!  That is no good!  Why did you stop.” The man leaned over the counter.

“Well, I finally read the bible differently and saw that it wasn’t what I had been told it was.”  The aid nodded knowingly.

“No!” the man replied.  “You couldn’t have read it.  I’m going to bring my bible next time and read it to you.  Maybe my pastor will come too.”

I smiled and explained that the product he wanted to buy was excellent, but not for what he wanted.

He walked out, and then called back that he was going to bring me a bible and make me read it.

It was interesting to be on the recieving end of prostelyzation.  I hope that man is surrounded by compassionate people who won’t take advantage of him.  I hope that if he does get prayed over they won’t blame a lack of faith when he doesn’t get what he wants.

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