Tarot Cards and Prayer Meetings

Tarot cards and prayer meetings are remarkably similar.

This is a fact I could never have accepted a few years ago.  I thought psychics were con-artists or devil-worshippers.  Then I found out that I have a friend who reads cards.

She has read my cards a few times and I have been impressed with her insights, but doubted that they had much to do with the tarot cards.  My friend is a very intuitive person with a natural gift for reading people.  Why should I be surprised that she sees I have certain issues?

One day she asked me to read her cards and guided me through it.  Instead of feeling pressured to speak words of the divine, she told me just to share the thoughts that came to me.  My words.  Not prophetic or psychic, just my thoughts.

We went through the algorithm.  The order of a card stood for something such as Past Experiences.  Then the particular card, say 3 of rods, had a list of possible scenarios but very open-ended.  She asked me to pick which line about the card jumped out at me and tell me why.

In the end, I was able to say things that I really wanted to tell her but didn’t know how to.  For example, I could tell her that she was beautiful and her body shape was healthy and attractive.  There was no need to count calories but to accept that she is gorgeous without being underweight.

It reminded me of a prayer meeting.  It provided a medium for asking deep questions without feeling like it was crossing some social boundary.

At prayer meetings, instead of looking at cards, we closed our eyes.  Instead of saying “I’m thinking that you are struggling with this right now and maybe it would help if ___” we spoke more obliquely at church.  “God, you see that so-and-so is really struggling right now and help her to see that ____ is ok.”

Also, I didn’t feel like I had to be right.  I could throw out any idea and have it be processed, and built on or rejected.  Perhaps that was unique to my friend, I don’t know.  Unlike a prayer meeting when the pressure of using ‘divine’ authority is felt by both speaker and listener, this felt more free and honest.

The pictures and thoughts in my head were focused by the ideas on the cards, but they were my own.  No more agonizing over whether my thoughts were inspired by god or deceptions of the devil.

I doubt I’ll get into tarot cards or psychics, but I do have more respect for the role that they can fill in a friendship.

3 thoughts on “Tarot Cards and Prayer Meetings

  1. Atimetorend says:

    Brilliant, I really like your take on it. Not just having insight into a “supernatural”prayer experience being actually an exercise in empathy, but being able to use that ability more freely without the restriction of religious authority.

  2. jen says:

    I’ve struggled with card readings, because it felt like the “church authorities” that told me who I was and how I should feel. Then I had one done, and it was just like you described. I didn’t feel like she had to be right… Or that she “knew” anything… She was just saying what she felt as she looked at the cards and looked at me.

    There was one thing that she said that didn’t sit right at all. Because we are friends, we talked about it… and actually lead to an awesome discussion that lead to more awareness on my part, and more understanding on her part.

    • prairienymph says:

      I can’t imagine having that sort of conversation with the “church authorities” when they make a prediction or give a spirit-guided insight.
      Sounds like this was good for your friendship.

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