BooHoo Tea

Lil’T had her first day of kindergarten.

After walking to the classroom and filling out forms, all the parents were invited to a BooHoo tea.   Other parents had decorated the gym and set out fine china and cookies.

We were supposed to get to know other parents and sign up for volunteering at the school.

There was an odd assortment of people.  Some Europeans, some from the Middle East, and people of all different sorts of social class were there.  The barely out of her teens single mom beside me was a framer and reminded me of my brother’s wife.  The mom in her 40s on the other side of me was a career volunteer and reminded me of my mother-in-law.

The one thing that seemed constant was that us parents hadn’t fit in elementary school and noticed that our kids were a little different from the others in our neighbourhood.  Like the little girl who dresses up like a vampire everyday instead of a princess.

Only one person at our table wore make-up.  She was quick to inform us that her daughter was gifted.  Then she explained all the ways in which her daughter was gifted.  After that she laughed about she had finally given up on keeping her daughters clean and perfectly tidy and now only keeps her house that way.

I later talked to a mom from Poland.  She told me that even though she only works part-time, she puts her kids in a dayhome nearly full time.  She laughed and said she’s received a lot of nasty comments from other people.  One person berated her and said “what kind of mom doesn’t watch her kids all the time!” to which she replied, “A happy one!”

I think I’ve found a new friend.


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