Secret Love

My love for her is stronger than my hate for him.

When he dies, I will happily never think of him again.  Her I will carry with me through eternity.

I wait until early dawn.  The king is asleep, not likely to wake for hours.  Now I leave him, nod to the guards outside the room, and slip down the corridors and out through the gardens.

My king once spied on his love bathing from the rooftops.  I do better- I bathe my love with my own hands.

Her house is separate and hidden.  They try and pretend she no longer exists and that what happened never was.

I don’t.  I see the way he looks at me too.  Like he wants to chew me up, then spit me out.  Just like her.  But, I am not her.

Her father boasts that he killed a lion, a bear, and a giant with a stone and a sling.  I can do better.  I have killed chickens, goats, and oxen with my own hands.  I’d love to add an ass to that list.

Pompous ass.  I hate the way he simpers in front of the king.  Pretending he cares and so easily tricking the foolish old man.  He cares for no one but himself.  He has contempt for every other living thing, especially for those who love him.  And there are many such fools.  He has his father’s gift for winning friends and rewriting history.  Pretty faced liar.  I hope his pretty hair hangs his sewer filled soul.

All nasty thoughts fly away as I enter her room.

“Abishag?  I’ve been waiting!”  Her rich voice sends tingles to the small of my back.

Our ritual is so familiar.  We talk and I tell her the news I have from the court.  She tells me of the servant’s rumours.  I’ve been teaching her to fight.  We spar.  Then we bathe.  I hold the smoking wood on tongs to dry her hair and make it soft.  Then I massage oils over her body.

Today she asks if she can oil my body too.  Her hands are soft, but strong.  She stops when she sees a bruise forming on my hip.  She is getting better at defending herself!  I am proud.

She bends down and kisses the small bruise.  It burns where her lips touched.

The sun is rising.  I must go back to the king.

I do so with a smile.  I have been with Tamar.  She is not forgotten

5 thoughts on “Secret Love

  1. Well done. I would imagine that with as many wives as David and Solomon were supposed to have, there was probably a lot of inter-wife companionship for survival and coping.

  2. This may be an odd suggestion, but have you considered posting these here?

    • prairienymph says:

      I’ve never heard of the site. Many of the writers look like they are devout Christians of the Pentecostal variety. (I assume when writing about demons and whores you couldn’t be Lutheran or Mennonite.) Thanks for the link.

      • The site is generally for any writers of any sort of fanfiction. That section just happens to be for any Bible-related fanfic. Any story of any stripe should be welcome there, so long as it is based on the Bible. It’s not the sort of fanfic I usually read or write, but if I did (David and Jonathan, I’m looking at YOU!), I would put it there. Keep up the good work! I really enjoy your blog.

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