Familie Naturelle

My brothers and sis-in-law and kids joined us for a weekend of camping.  At a naturist campground.

Perfect weather was forecasted and it was my first days off in too long.  Since my SisIL and brother decided last minute to come out and see us, I suggested that they meet us at the naturist campground.

To my surprise, they decided to come.

As we drove closer I began to second-guess myself.  Was this wrong?  I had been in charge of bathing and putting my brothers to bed when we were little.  But now they were bigger than me.  Weren’t we breaking some sort of social rule?

It’s one thing to be au naturelle  among strangers.  Another with people you know, right?  Seeing someone you know in the nude seems to be a common fear and here we were doing it on purpose!

After we got to the camp, the chaos of setting up tents at dusk – while 5 little girls ages 8 weeks to 4 years running around past their bedtimes – consumed all thoughts.  In the morning we awoke to a glorious mountain day.

And everything was so normal.

There is something about feeling the wind and the soft sun right on your body.  Something freeing and grounding at the same time.

I like to see clothes used as a practical tool- protection from burning, freezing, or being bitten by ‘squitos.  Or as decoration.  Gone was the shame that clothes are necessary to hide under.

Every time I visit that camp I leave with a healthier body image and less shame about being human.

One woman did share that she wore a wrap skirt since she had been sexually abused as a child and it helped her to feel safer.  But being around her I did not get the feeling that she felt ashamed of herself and in consequence I did not feel uncomfortable around her.

It was quite opposite from the experience of being around a sweet Christian lady at a funeral last week.  This woman kept her hand over top of her already high neckline just in case it gaped a little and a passing fly could see down the non-existant cleavage.  I felt uncomfortable around her, as she maintained her hand over her collar bones even when it was just I and my babies with her.

We faced our fear of hanging out with people we knew in such a setting without feeling self-conscious.  I think some of the other campers may have felt  jealous that we could not only talk about the topic of naturism with my siblings, but actually bring them along.

It was a wonderful weekend and I hope we can do it again sometime, perhaps with new guests.

3 thoughts on “Familie Naturelle

  1. Sarge says:

    I know what it sounds like, but please let me caution you about “sun worship”.
    I went to three such places in my younger days with a girl friend, the nudity issue is neither here nor there.

    But I am in stage 4 melanoma, and none of it has been any fun. If there are any ways you can avoid it, and I mean exposure to too much sun, take those steps now.
    I know, it sounds like a former drunk inveighing against booze, but I’m just saying, for your sake and the sake of the kids, please be careful. I starts somewhere, and a good sunburn or two just might do the trick, so the dermatologist tells me. I know that there’s a lot of other factors, but that’s one of them.

    We went out for my wife’s birthday, ate dinner, and I wished her a happy birthday.
    She said, “Please be here for the next one”?
    I haven’t shed a tear since I was eight years old, but this time I came damn close, and not for my sake.

  2. prairienymph says:

    Thanks for the caution. We are very careful with sunscreen, hats, shade and shirts. My lover is a redhead so he is extremely cautious with sun, even in the winter months. I seem to have enough of the black irish skin so I rarely burn.

    Have you heard of sulphuraphane? I met the guy who patented it. It is a brocolli extract that helps repair UV damage at a DNA level. John Hopkins has some interesting studies about it with skin, breast and prostate cancer. We use that if there is any pink.

    I truly hope you are there for her next birthday too.

  3. Quince says:

    I agree with Sarge about the melanoma, but it sure was nice this July being somewhere warm and secluded, in nature, and having to wear as little clothes as possible, considering the lack of summer we’ve had where I live!

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