Somali Heroines

If I was 10 years younger I would dream of finished medical school and joining these women.  

They are mother and daughters who are doctors in Somalia.  They run a hospital, a school, and an entire community.  They invite displaced Somalians to their land.  The people are given free land and access to water, along with education and medical facilities, in exchange for following the community rules.  She says that everything is for the people and that they own it.  They cooperatively decide the rules and consequences.

Some of the rules include: no discrimination against people of other tribes and no hitting.  They have committees that you can bring complaints to.  It is common for women in Somalia to be treated as less than human. She has a prison on her land specifically for men who abuse their wives.

Dr. Hawa Abdi is an OBGYN and lawyer.  Recently some militants went to her compound and ordered her to give them control of the community.  They told her women could not be leaders and that she should stay in her home.  She looked at them and said, “what have you done for Somalia?  Look at what I have done here.  Now get off my land.”

They returned later – 750 of them, fully armed.  After killing some of the guards, they took Dr. Abdi and about 20 others captive.   They destroyed her hospital, smashing the equipment.  They held their prisoners for 10 hours.

During that time the community protested asking for their doctor back.   The attackers released Dr. Abdi, but she demanded all the prisoners be released.  Then she demanded an apology.

Her daughter said that was the first time she had seen Somali women take such a stand, and the first time she had seen an apology for that type of behaviour.

Currently they are in Toronto raising awareness and looking for support.  

I applaud her.  Just knowing about these people gives me more hope for the world.

For a better article see:–md-inspires-hope-in-somalia










3 thoughts on “Somali Heroines

  1. What a remarkable person! If her story were presented as fiction, no one would find it plausible. The complaint would be such people cannot exist.

  2. Ahab says:

    This story is amazing. I’m glad the world knows about these remarkable women.

  3. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this story!

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