What can I give to the King?

What can I give to the King

Give to the one who has everything

What gift can I give, what gift can I bring?

What can I give to the King//

We culled a lot of our music recently.  We’ve decided to keep only the music that we actually like and that hopefully won’t cause long-term damage to our kids.

I kept our Agapeland record because I like the tunes and the exercise directions for kids said over the music.  I made the mistake of playing the side without the exercise instructions for Lil’T during nap time.

She began to sing about giving the King her everything, for the rest of the day.  Somehow, it bothered me.

First of all, why do we give gifts to people who have everything?  So we gain status?  Shouldn’t we give to those who have less instead?   This blatant promotion of unearned privilege brought out the socialist in me and I felt like Perchik from Fiddler on the Roof.  So, maybe I overreacted.

I told her that it was fine to pay taxes to the king or queen, but to give people presents because they demand them isn’t right.  We talked about how the stronger person is supposed to help the not-so-strong person instead of the other way around.

Then she began to sing, “What can I give to my friend, give to her for her birthday party”

“What can I give to my sister”

and my favourite: “What can I give to my mom”.  (I told her the usual: chocolate and cleaning up her toys.)

But apparently, I kept thinking about the original version.

That version of Christianity plays right into most forms of politics.  God is sovereign king that we owe our entire lives to.  Not that we get anything in return, it is just because we were born this way.  Oh, and the king was placed there by god.  And we owe him.  Not that we should expect anything in return, this is god’s plan.  Don’t question it.

Glorifying serfdom and unquestioned giving to those who already have everything still makes me uneasy.  I had no idea my version of Christianity fit so foot-in-sandal with the type of politics and business model I was told was best.

Speaking of royalty, Prince Will and Princess Kate are in our city this week.  Lil’T’s princess obsessed friend is going to see them in a parade.  I hope Lil’T doesn’t hear about it.   But if the moon turns blue and we do end up going, I hear from the radio gardener that roses are the appropriate gift for royalty.

4 thoughts on “What can I give to the King?

  1. We do seem to be headed back to the Divine Right of Kings, c/w nobility, clergy and serfs, don’t we? So few people believe in science anymore (with good reason) and have begun believing what can only be termed superstitions as they certainly cannot be proven using anything like the scientific method, we appear to be headed for the dark ages one more time.
    If you see Kate, tell her to gain about 25 kg so she doesn’t look so spindly.

  2. Ahab says:

    How convenient that God maintains the status quo and puts the already powerful in positions of power.

  3. Ester says:

    In this song the” King” is referring to the Creator. God doesn’t want material gifts or things of status. The song teaches that our Heavenly Father only wants our hearts to be open so He can give everything to us.

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