In-group, out-group, upside down?

This blog is pretty much all about myself.   This post is not the exception.

I was wondering if the narrative I tell myself about myself – the one where the crazy fundy Christians are saying the ridiculous things that I used to say – is a little unbalanced.

Perhaps my perspective from growing up in a cultish group that protected its identity by fearing and pitying non-group members is still there.  Now that I don’t feel a divide from ‘the world’ but actually feel part of it, I wonder if I’m not looking for another group to distance myself from.

I find interactions with fundy Christians (not to be confused with the religious mystics, humanists, liberals or those who just love people) both frustrating and entertaining.

For example, a dear lady recently insulted her Catholic co-worker by telling her that she was broken and needed salvation.  The sweet Christian was perplexed by her co-worker’s reaction of hurt.  When I pointed out that my friend had no way of knowing if her co-worker was ‘saved’ or not, my friend countered with the fact that her co-worker drank alcohol.

Now, do I laugh at these exchanges because it makes me feel superior?   I used to think drinking alcohol was morally wrong in and of itself.  Am I gloating in how far I’ve come?  Or laughing at my past in a healthy way?

Have I just created another group to Other?  Am I still in the same mindset I grew up with and using it to distance myself from the people who taught it to me?

And why the heck do I try and analyse out every possible motive for what I do?  Will I grow out of that obsession too?

6 thoughts on “In-group, out-group, upside down?

  1. Lorena says:

    If you’re laughing and not judging the fundy Christian, you’re probably just living and letting live, a nice place to be.

  2. ... Zoe ~ says:

    I have a good friend, who is Catholic. One day I explained to her what my Baptist years entailed. We were the one true church. When finished, she told me, ‘Funny. That’s what Catholics use to believe. That they were the one true church. The truly saved.

    Maybe you laugh because from your present perspective it just sounds so funny.

    • prairienymph says:

      🙂 I remember when my Catholic abuela graciously conceded that even though I wasn’t Catholic, she believed I was likely saved. I had been charitably thinking the same about her. So silly we are.

      I know most of me laughs just from relief that I can see the ridiculosity! I just worry that a part of me wants to feel superior and separate myself from others that I can vilify. No – I know a part of me does, but I don’t want to admit it.

  3. Very interesting post. I found it worth reading twice. Thanks!

  4. Chris says:

    I watched the new Xmen movie over the weekend and thought that a great super power would be to turn water in wine. But then I remembered we already have great alcoholic beverages, namely the amazing beer and wine perfected and traditionally produced by Catholic monks over the centuries. 🙂 Catholics rejoice with a fresh brew, as patio season is upon us!

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