Lil’T Cross Examines

Three of our neighbourhood dogs have passed away in the past few weeks.  Very sad, we are all missing them.  I’m coping through denial. 

Lil’T hasn’t cried yet, but every time C-Minor cries, Lil’T tells me that it is because C-minor misses her puppy friends.

C-Minor misses those dogs a lot when she is tired, hungry, or has a poopy diaper. 

Lil’T was grilling me on how the last dog died.

“Why did he let Mikey out?”  “How do you know?”

“Why did Mikey run under the wheels?  Why didn’t they see him and stop?”  “How do you know?”

“Why didn’t they walk with Mikey instead?”  “How do you know?”

It is her way of dealing with grief, but it is exhausting explaining why the accident wasn’t prevented.  After many minutes of going over every possible scenario, I asked her to stop.

She was quiet a few minutes and then asked, “Can people come back to life?”  (Animals are people too.)

“No, honey.  I wish they could.”

“So, Jesus can’t either?”


“But some people say so.”

“Some people believe it, but that doesn’t make it real.”

“Like Santa?”

“Yeah, and do people like it when you tell them Santa isn’t real?”


“Well, the same with people coming back from the dead.”

“How do you know?”

“I used to believe it until I learned more about it.  I actually used to teach you that Jesus came back from the dead. “

“Ya, well, I didn’t believe you.  I always knew better.”

I think I’m in trouble.

3 thoughts on “Lil’T Cross Examines

  1. Ahab says:

    “Ya, well, I didn’t believe you. I always knew better.”

    :: chuckles ::

    This kid has potential!

  2. What a priceless conversation. The first 40ish years of my life would have been completely different if my mother had been capable of sharing such honesty with me. Lil’T is both a lucky and a very smart child.

  3. I’m sad about the loss of the dogs, but thanks for sharing this great story. I agree with Ahab and The Cognitive Dissenter; you’ve got a great kid and a great way of raising her. 🙂

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