Singing the (political) Blues

For those who don’t know, Canada has just elected a Blue (Conservative) majority.  22% of eligible voters are responsible for that. 

Here is a list of things that they’ve done with a minority government:

Talked about wanting to privatize Health Care which means that our poor go without the medical help they deserve as human beings.

Created mega prisons to turn more of our citizens into hardened criminals and cut funding to programs that actually worked to keep convicted people from reoffending.

Cut funding to immigration and marketed refugees as a danger to society on par with Osama bin Ladin.

Cut funding to NGOs that help people with disabilities so that the people in Canada who need the most help are the most ignored and poorest.

Took out ‘equality for women’ out of the government’s mandate and got rid of women’s programs.

Cut  funding to women’s issues so that women who are the victims of rape and abuse are ignored and have fewer resources to escape their torturous lives.

Speaking of torture, Conservatives will now be able to send people to be tortured in Afghanistan without risk of a non-confidence vote or having to lie about it.

We will continue to subsidize the oil sands, an operation that poisons people and animals, costs more than it produces and will contribute to major environmental damage.

We will put money into a second-rate aircraft at the price of a first-rate one; a plane that cannot perform in a way which can protect our country in the face of an attack. An attack which probably won’t come.

We may also see the removal of several human rights of our citizens, including homosexual rights and abortion rights since that is what many Conservative candidates ran on.

Funding for the arts was cut, taking away from our culture and heritage.

People who mock the Canadian democratic process will run our country and be free to continue in their criminal ways.  (They prorogued parliament twice when issues came up that Canadians got mad about so that we would forget it and they broke numerous election laws. and they fired the Woman’s Minister based on false charges of prostitution while hiring a man convicted of fraud to work in the Prime Minister’s office. )

Here’s a concept for all those who voted conservative. We will see the largest deficit in Canadian history (and no, that has little to do with the recession).

How are we going to pay back the debt? Here’s a stupid idea: lets give tax cuts to rich people so that our businesses thrive which will eventually trickle down to the poor except that rarely happens.

Who gets taxed to repay the debt? Not the rich people. They keep the conservatives in power, so they’ll keep cutting their taxes and the burden will always be on the poor.

– taken from a friend’s facebook post

Yes, I am sad.  And when I discuss it with my neighbours the responses have been:

“Well, we don’t want all that political correctness anyways.”

“We want to be competitive for business”

“We can’t afford social programs.”

“I don’t want to pay for someone else”

ARRRGHH!  How is it wrong to be politically correct if that means treating humans like humans instead of commodities?  I forgot, here in mini-Texas it is offensive to be told you can’t treat women and gays like shit.  Poor fragile Wild Rose (our provincial flower), can’t handle it when you aren’t praised for being a jerk.

How is it ok for other people to pay for you (education, health care, EI, pensions…) but not for you to contribute back?

How is it possible you are unaware that only big business will benefit from tax cuts to the rich while 50% of Canada’s economy is small business!  Yeah, your cousin’s boss will benefit.  Not you.  Not your kids.  Not your grandkids because they may not be able to afford the education that could get them that job.

Why do people vote on lies and myths even when it will directly hurt them?

At least Elizabeth May (Green Party leader)  has a seat.  She may not have power, but she has a mouth. 

And I need to start taking my vitamins again.

6 thoughts on “Singing the (political) Blues

  1. Ahab says:

    Looks like things have gotten messy on both sides of the U.S.-Canada border.

    • prairienymph says:

      I feel personally threatened by this party and what they stand for. I know that a lot of them feel personally threatened by homosexuals and feminists (though I don’t know why) and that is a big motivation for what they do. Yes, they really believe that feminism and homosexuality will destroy the country and their families.
      It is so hard for me not to react by lashing out. I know that since I am female and work in a female-dominated industry (health care and sales) I will be personally affected by this party’s policies.
      Right now I am just fighting fear, anger and hopelessness. But soon I’ll hopefully move on to action and education.

  2. I’ll never understand why people support and vote for politicians who hurt them. I read this post and thought, “Wow. This sounds like the United States …”

    On the upside we’ll keep blogging. When I meet smart bloggers who share the same passion for human rights that I do it gives me hope. … And it makes me wonder who in the world are those people who don’t feel the same way.

    • prairienymph says:

      I know the people who voted otherwise. They are my family, neighbours and former church members. They aren’t unintelligent, but they want to believe the myths of Canada being a godly? part of the Apocalypse and becoming the next US-that-never-was. It is good to hope, though.
      One of our provinces was ruled by the religious right for so long that women couldn’t vote or even get married without certain male approval for ridiculously long – almost as long as it took Aboriginal women to be able to vote. Now they are the most secular part of the country and the most socially progressive, even though their laws are still playing catch-up with regards to common law settlements. They are the most invested in the arts. So, there is always hope 🙂

  3. ... Zoe ~ says:

    The religious right are shoring up the blue hue of this country as well as conservatively minded people who have always been conservative, religion or not. We are a diverse country but many of our immigrants arrive with their own conservative religious beliefs that at the core, aren’t much different than the conservative evangelical church. Harper to me is a lot like a pastor of a church that he keeps trying to rule over, in the name of God of course. He’s been working very hard, and his mentor Preston Manning did a good job preparing the soil and discipling our current PM. It’s been a slow process and this day has been coming for a long time. The religiously minded have worked very hard, mostly out of sight to provide a foundation for his win.

    I think it’s easy for the religious right (and I mean this as an inclusive statement. Those, regardless of religions, who have “conservative-like values.”) … to look away from or sweep under the carpet, the parliamentary behaviour of the blues because for them, it’s nothing new. They get the same crap in their faith communities. It’s normal. ie.) Okay, so maybe Harper/Pastor should haven’t lied about that, but you know, he’s a Christian, and God forgives him. He’s not perfect. Sometimes a lie or two or a hundred are okay if it helps the overall cause of Christ and keeps us in power. Heaven-forbid we ever turn the country over to the heathens. Harper/God has been after the Liberals/Satanists for a long time. He’s got his victory. This also reminds me of pastors I’ve known in life who scored a victory only to eventually fall, down the road, along with their church. 😦 I’m sounding apocolyptic now. Yikes!

  4. PNL says:

    A good read related to this topic is:

    “The Armageddon Factor: The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada” by Marci McDonald.

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