The Gay Samaritan

A frienemy of mine from my old church has been hosting some controversial topics on his facebook page.  He stopped because a relative asked him too.  I enjoyed the discussions which were mostly about gender, sex and homosexuality. 

I thought I’d put this story as a note on my page.  But, maybe its too preachy.  I’d appreciate your feedback.

The seminary student patted the old woman on the shoulder.

“How are you today, Judith?” he asked.

She flashed him a smile of pearly white dentures.

“Sit down, David, I’m going to tell you a bible story, dear.”

The young man sat down, amused. He had memorized most of the New Testament and good bits of the old.

“Once there was a young man. A homo-sexual. Gary loved God and he loved his neighbours. But he didn’t just stop there.”

David interrupted, “This isn’t in the bible…”

“Shh. Now, one Sunday he was walking to church holding hands with his boyfriend, when a couple of big fellers who went the church down the street jumped them. Smacked them around right good. Called them names and spit on them. Some other people from those feller’s church were walking by and quickly crossed the street. They didn’t know what to do so they kept walking.”

David interrupted again, “Oh, this is the story of the Samaritan.”

“Yep. Now shh. Our young man Gary was shaken but he got up and kept going. This had happened before.

“About a month or so later, when his black eye was just shaded yellow, he was walking home from work. There in front of him was one of those guys who had beat him up. Passed out cold on the sidewalk. Vomit everywhere. People stepped around him complaining about drunks.

“Gary stopped. He noticed some blood around his ears and realized this was a lot more serious than it looked.

“He called 911 and rode with that guy to the hospital.

“That guy had no ID on him. They wouldn’t let him into Emergency.

“Well, Gary told them he’d pay for the expenses until they could find that guy’s ID. He stayed until the hospital staff told him to leave. Then he visited him every day until he was better.”

Judith took David’s hand. “When Jesus told that story, he then told the young lawyer to go and do like the Samaritan. I now tell you, go and do like that homosexual man.”

David pulled his hand away. “But, homosexuals are sinners. They can’t get into heaven unless they repent.”

Judith looked at him. “The bible can be used to say a lot of things. If you are telling me that you want that loving young man to burn in hell because he’s different than you, then how can you claim you have divine love in your heart?”

David stared, “It has nothing to do with love, it has to do with what the Bible says.”

Judith laughed, “That bible also says its ok to beat your slaves unless you beat them so hard they can’t get up after a day or two*. If you don’t have love in your heart, then memorizing the bible won’t make you any better. You’ll only find excuses to hate.”

“But, it is because I love homosexuals that I hate their sin.”

“If you believe that, you ain’t as smart as I hoped you were. That ain’t loving. That is controlling. You can only love someone if they’re like you? You can only accept someone if they change? The Jews thought that way about the Samaritans. Jesus didn’t say that Samaritan should change, he said the lawyer should be more like him.”

David flipped open his cell phone. “Gotta run. See you next week.”

8 thoughts on “The Gay Samaritan

  1. Macha says:

    whoo! I love it!!

  2. Becky says:

    Oh, Prairie, I think this is awesome, not preachy at all.

    It so much captures the spirit of Jesus. He was all about inclusion.

    But, for a different perspective, on what Scripture says concerning this whole issue, check out Evangelicals Concerned, and Inclusive Orthodoxy on the web. Both are pro-gay orthodox Christian groups that actually address these “clobber verses,” from a different perspective.

  3. It’s a beautiful story. How it’s received will depend on the mindset of the respective readers. Some will be just like David and others will be real Christians.

    Hopefully it will plant some seeds even with the haters.

  4. Go for it. So Robin got shut down, did he. Too bad. His dad told him to “or else”? Some of the discussions were pretty far out but never the less useful.

  5. prairienymph says:

    It is harder when the haters tell themselves they are the only ones who really love god and homosexuals. Repeat a lie often enough and the truth looks twisted.

  6. Jen says:

    I love this!!! Did you post it??

    What was the reaction??

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