The Grass is Risen

It is risen indeed!

Spring is here!  There are bits of green poking around the snow drifts.  We went to our first non-Christian Easter Service.

No guilt.  No going on about death or the imagined afterlife and how we deserve one but not the other.

Instead, there were easter egg hunts, crafts for kids, and green eggs and ham afterwards. 

The message did touch on Christ, but was open about the controversy and allowed the listeners to decide if he was man, myth, or something in between.  It talked about the inspiring social justice message that can be found in the Jesus tradition.  It didn’t shy away from the shadow side of Christianity, of government, and our personal lives.  But, it was a message of hope.  A call to turn our minds from fear and images of a man dying and to focus on living life now.  Rebirth.  New birth. 

Maybe it was New Age, maybe not – there was history about Judaism, Catholicism, and pagan traditions.  It was nice to hear the positive message that my other tradition often covered over.   Kinda like seeing an ex-boyfriend and realizing that : I’m glad I’m not there anymore, and that it wasn’t a total waste of time and I’m not inexcusably stupid.

New life, growing out of the old grasses, feeding on the rich nutrients released as the dry stalks get broken down.

6 thoughts on “The Grass is Risen

  1. Macha says:

    I wish I’d actually put some effort into celebrating Easter in a more pagan/nature religion way, something that reminds me of rebirth and renewal without telling me it’s also my fault Jesus got beat up and killed.

    • prairienymph says:

      Well, May Day is coming up. I’m sure there are some great pagan rituals to have fun with there. I have a picture in my mind of kids dancing around with flowers, but I really have no idea what the actual traditions are.

      The real reason Jesus died: he lived. Unless he didn’t. Then it was just a fable that some used to inspire people to care for others and some used to control and steal from people instead.

  2. Ahab says:

    (Grrrr . . . Tried posting twice. Attempt #3.)

    With all the fundamentalist guilt lifted away, it’s easier to celebrate this time of year as a season of life and rebirth. I’m glad you found a cool gathering.

    • prairienymph says:

      Thanks for persisting. I have troubles commenting on your site too, which is why I don’t comment very often. Not sure how to fix it.

      It was the best Easter ever! Sad that most of my friends and family couldn’t join us and we couldn’t join them, but it was the first time going to ‘church’ that I didn’t feel a sick dread.

  3. Sounds like an interesting organization. Wish I could meet some of them and talk.

  4. prairienymph says:

    Next time you pass through, you should come to church with us. Maybe they’ll be doing their music parade around the block with duelling pianos on wheels! (Lots of Newfies, of course there are travelling duelling pianos.)

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