Shinobiewankenobi wrote:

“Sometimes putting a name on something is a way of limiting it, but in this case, I think it has given me a type of freedom. Room to breath. Language for my feelings.

I’ve been thinking about labels and categories.  They are a way of showing allegiance with a tribe, showing belonging, expressing self. 

They can be divisive.  Especially when you cut off parts of yourself to fit inside or reject anyone without that label.

I was worried that by choosing another label, other than “manifest son of God” (well, my old church said we were supposed to be sons and brides, but not daughters and bridegrooms – biblical literalism and homophobia alert) – I would be falling back into a rigid dogmatic sliver once more.

If I identify as liberal, does that make me anti-conservative?  When I identified as conservative, I was supposed to be anti-liberal.

If I am humanist, or atheist, does that make me as dogmatic about that as I was about my flavour of Christianity?

Shenobi gives me hope.  Not all labels are the same.  And I can decide what I do with it once I claim it. 

So, at the risk of being simplistic or limiting, I will choose a few labels.

Humanist.  And aware that life exists in balance, part of loving the human species is loving other species.

Atheist.  While I do not know if there is a god/spirit/creative energy or how to define it, I live my life as if there is no god.

Mystic.  While I hope that the unexplainables of life do have a neat mathematical equation, I will not deny the miracles or psychic/prophetic gifts I’ve seen. 

Any labels you want to claim?

6 thoughts on “Labels

  1. Ahab says:

    A beautiful and thoughtful post. “Ally” is a label I claim.

  2. I like yours and Ahab’s labels – and the non-limiting way you define them. You’ve given me some beautiful thoughts to think about today.

  3. Call me anything you want, but just don’t call me late for dinner.

  4. Quester says:

    I’ve been considering “irreverent pantheist”. I define it as one who recognizes that all that is, and all that can be conceived or imagined, can be considered sacred or divine, and thus is ripe for being made light of.

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