UNO vs Poker

The friend I went to India with loved to play UNO.  We first played it up on the roof, a nice sunny place that the kids wouldn’t come very often.

We were quickly informed that playing cards was illegal.  Ever after, we played UNO in our room with the door closed. 

I came back to Canada and went into culture shock.  The youth group watched the movie “Dodgeball” right after I arrived.  I hadn’t watched TV let alone anything R rated.  I hid in another room and read books.  I mentioned it to my aunt, who mentioned it to the church elders, who shamed the youth leaders.  I felt like a jerk, but still justified.

Then, the youth became obsessed with poker.  I who played illegal card games for months and months now found poker so extreme. It taught people to lie!  For some reason, that seemed unacceptable even though I loved improv.   So, I boycotted poker games.

Really, I enjoyed going for walks and discussing different topics more than sitting and playing cards.

But, why didn’t I see how the Indian views of the evils of UNO and the Canadian church’s views of the evils of poker were similar?

2 thoughts on “UNO vs Poker

  1. Gambling can be addictive and has ruined more than a few lives. However the religious tend to extend this to all forms of card playing using a regular deck. UNO is OK as are other card games using different decks. Go figure.
    And there is a difference between lying and bluffing. But one needs a “poker Face”. Texas Hold ‘Em is the current rage in poker which certainly has swept NA.
    Poker is like anything else with negative consequences if over done – casinos, alcohol, recreational drugs. Know your limits and apply self control. Easier said than done when you have psychological or physiological problems that lead to addictions. A great deal of research has been conducted into lives ruined by gambling, alcohol and drugs. Too bad there hasn’t been more on lives ruined by religion.
    Religion is touted as a cure for alcohol addiction. Perhaps alcohol is a cure for religious addiction?

    • prairienymph says:

      True, gambling and alcohol addictions do ruin lives and forbidding them doesn’t seem to help. A former roomie found temporary relief from his drug and sex addictions in religion. But, it was just temporary. I suppose going to prayer meetings and bible studies was less harmful than his other activities. But, it didn’t give him what he needed in the end.

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