Lil’T’s Career Change

Lil’T no longer wants to be the owner of the city.  She has decided to be a doctor.

She came up to me with her toy stethoscope and listened in various places.

Her eyes widened, “Mommy, you have motorcycles in your body!  I hear motorcycles in your shoulder and your knee and your tummy!  They’re all over!!”

Then she patted me on the knee.  “Don’t worry mommy, Ima be a doctor.  I can fix you.”  Her eyes lit up, “because I have a screwdriver!”

6 thoughts on “Lil’T’s Career Change

  1. Likely just need your carburetor tuned. That should do it.

  2. My wallpaper for today. thanks, Lil’T.

  3. ... Zoe ~ says:

    Sorry about the motorcycles. 😉

    Good to hear she’s becoming a doctor. We older Canadians are going to need her. Is she interested in moving to Ontario to start up her practice? *grin*

  4. ... Zoe ~ says:

    Oh no! My poor aching bum, just thinking about it. 😆

    The little girl who grew up beside us, she’s in university now and her intention is to become a doctor. I said, “Good, I need one.” Of course, everyone else around here will need her too. But I’m hoping I’ll be at the top of her list. With my luck, she’ll be a neurosurgeon and by the time she’s out and doing surgery, my brain will be too old to bother with! 😯

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