Why we must punish sexual assault survivors

I made the mistake of reading the comments from this article http://friendlyatheist.com/2011/02/17/military-chaplain-it-must-have-been-gods-will-for-her-to-be-raped/

I read story after story of women in the military sharing how they had been raped or assaulted.  And then bullied, blamed, and demoted when they tried to go for help.  There was no justice even for the four year old living with her parents on base.  The perpetrators were sometimes even promoted.

There were two commentors who ridiculed those survivors.  They kept claiming that those women really wanted it.  And then, one of them revealed why the victims of assault must be further harassed while the perpetrators protected.

He was afraid that if we started taking every report of assault seriously, then he would be in danger of being held accountable.  The power would shift.  The victims, male or female, must be further punished because if not … (cue slippery slope music)

then anyone could accuse someone else of assault and that person would be charged. 

No longer safe for many men, and a few women.  Piss off your girlfriend, she’ll say you raped her and then you are charged. 

(Does anyone else see how this fear is irrational?  Do we have to repeat the stats for domestic abuse incidents and domestic abuse reports?  Note: men can and are abused too; I’m not male bashing, I’m abuse-bashing.)

This fear must be very strong.  So strong, it even trumps human decency that says protect the vulnerable.

But, creating a place where people feel safe is not enough of an incentive to treat rape survivors with decency.  No matter that this man is placing himself in danger.  (The army has a large number of male victims of sexual assault.)

No, this world http://femmebelletrist.blogspot.com/2011/02/will-you-be-convicted-for-rape.html is preferable.

Protecting himself, his wife and kids is not worth facing his fear that he could be accused and punished of such a crime.

4 thoughts on “Why we must punish sexual assault survivors

  1. Ahab says:

    Sickening. I suspect the commenters reacted this way because they simply can’t digest the fact that sexual assault happens as often as it does.

  2. I read that article and comments also and it made me sick. That “Pastor” beggars description. His “God” is a very sick and twisted concept.

  3. It is frightening and disgusting to contemplate the disdain for women that must underly a social structure that allows this to happen.

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