Creepy Customers

Normally I love my work.  It gives me energy, I learn something new, and I get to spend time with spiritual and artistic people who love to laugh.  I only work a few hours a week at this job and I usually look forward to it.

Today was the worst day I’ve ever had!

Customers were rude, belligerant, and even creepy.

One woman was in a bad mood and decided to blame me for it.  I asked if her phone number was in our system (it is the membership number so that customers can get discounts).  She said yes and then glared at me.

When I asked what it was, she huffed, rolled her eyes and said it.  As if I should have known.  I’ve never seen the woman before.

She kept changing her mind about what she was buying.  There were many customers in the store, the line-up was getting long and I was the only person on staff.  When she asked why her purchase didn’t run through I pointed out that the machine said her pin was entered incorrectly.  She got visibly upset and declared that she had entered the right pin.

I asked her to do it again.  The machine said the pin was incorrect the second time.  She got even more angry and demanded that I fix whatever my mistake was.  I told her that she would have to talk to the bank.

Normally, I laugh at these people.  But normally, these types only come a few at a time.  Instead of counting the ridiculous customers, today I was counting the nice ones.  Like the ones who didn’t yell at me. 

Or tell me that I, who studied biochem and metabolism at university, obviously know nothing about physiology  because Dr. Oz said something, they can’t remember what, but the pancreas sure doesn’t have anything to do with blood sugar levels… (rolls eyes)

Or the ones I didn’t have to call security on.

I’ve called security before, but this is the first time I’ve done it while working alone.

I had been warned by a coworker about a Mr. Briefcase who had bothered her earlier in the week and then kept asking for products that would give him fast hard erections.   The last guys she warned us about about both ended up getting arrested for criminal harassment.  One of them sexually harassed one of my coworkers, the other attacked the lady in the florist shop next door.

Mr. Briefcase came in and immediately started asking questions about all the products in the only corner of the store that the security camera doesn’t hit.  Then he started yelling that acupuncture doesn’t work to the acupuncture patient I was helping at the till . 

That is when I called security.  I didn’t want to wait until the store was empty.  He got very nervous around the security man and left the building.  Only to return from the other door. 

That is when I decided to lock up early and discovered the mountain of paperwork that hadn’t gotten finished because there were so many customers.  

 At least I get to go home to a clean house!  Thanks, darlin’!

4 thoughts on “Creepy Customers

  1. Ahab says:

    You did the right thing, calling security on that weirdo. I hope he never comes back.

  2. JZ says:

    Work was insane for me today too. Maybe it’s a full moon and it’s calling the creepy people out.

  3. Why I could never work retail. And they all vote Republican (Conservative).

  4. There are a lot of mentally ill people in this world who have never been diagnosed and don’t take any medication. You did do the right thing when you called security. I do believe certain people give off a certain creepy vibe and it’s good to listen when our 6th sense tells us it’s time to call security. I hope you’re day got better. ; )

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