Post Traumatic Stress Songs

My lover loves bluegrass.  I grew up in a church that condoned bluegrass and some country but no rock or anything with drums.  Even though our elder had been a drummer in highschool.  The sacred/secular divide is bemusing  – only elders can be involved with drums, the rest of us would be tainted.

As a result of hearing church songs accompanied by wailing violins, mandolins and organs, I have flashbacks when I hear out-of-tune bluegrass.  I can only enjoy the Celtic flavoured stuff.

An uncle recently gave us some tapes he made off old records.  There are some great 60s and 70s hits mixed in with the Gaithers.

The Gaithers make me cringe deep in my marrow.  The song in particular featured a grainy male voice prompting a fake-happy woman to sing the song.

He growls in a low tone, “I was nothing until you found me

And she repeats it liltingly to whiny violins and tinny string instruments.

Now I picture him holding a gun to her head.  I picture her with a pasted smile that never reaches her eyes.  Her eyes are desperate to believe that she was nothing – her partner demands it – but desperate to disbelieve it.

Love songs of that ilk you can find in misogynistic rap songs.  (I love some rap songs, but there are blatant woman-hate in too many of them.)

This is our love song to god:  “We are dirt, don’t hurt us.  You are everything.  Only you are  good.  I am bad.  Please don’t hurt me, although I know I deserve it!  ”

I’m glad I know what love really is! 

And what good music is too 🙂

2 thoughts on “Post Traumatic Stress Songs

  1. Ahab says:

    “This is our love song to god: “We are dirt, don’t hurt us. You are everything. Only you are good. I am bad. Please don’t hurt me, although I know I deserve it! ”

    Amazing, how some forms of religious devotion bear a disturbing resemblance to domestic violence . . .

  2. Lorena says:

    I’ve no idea what Blue Grass is. What I stared reading I thought it was some sort of “weed,” if you know what I mean.

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